September 25, 2013By Lance Baily

What Can Healthcare Learn from Aviation, Video Gaming Industries?

Recently Stephanie Baum wrote an article for entitled “What can healthcare learn from aviation, gaming industries?”. 

She starts “Of all the phrases I’ve heard since I began covering the healthcare industry, the most common one is how much better healthcare would be if it simply adopted some of the practices of the [insert almost any other industry here]. That’s a perspective shared by Robert Szczerba. He has formed a company called X Tech Ventures that’s designed to solve some of the most challenging problems in healthcare using a simulation platform that can be adapted for several different needs.”

She continues defining X Tech Ventures new company mission:

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“Szczerba points to aviation, specifically the pilot’s checklist, and the banking industry’s approach to giving customers secure access to their accounts as practices healthcare systems should adopt more widely. “It’s so frustrating that you can go into you bank account online and see your transactions for the past three hours but it’s so difficult to get immediate access to a child’s medical records.” Although the pilot checklist is a system embraced by some hospitals for operating rooms, Szczerba thinks wider adoption would be beneficial and could reduce medical errors.

2010 paper Szczerba co-authored entitled “Simulated Clinical Environments and Virtual System-of-Systems Engineering for Health Care” captured some of the ideas X Tech embraces. “Just as the use of flight simulators and system integration concepts revolutionized the aircraft industry decades earlier, similar concepts can be applied to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the health care industry today… Using simulated virtual environments, we can bring the techniques we take for granted in other industries ’- notably aviation ’- to not only design new clinical systems but to improve existing systems.”

Taking a look at the X Tech Ventures website we saw that the new company is offering thought leadership, strategic counseling, technology incubation, product acceleration, business development, modeling and simulation design and more for the following domains: healthcare, aerospace and defense, decision support, entertainment and video gaming, architecture and construction, e-commerce and social media.

Read the full article here and visit X Tech Ventures to learn more!

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