July 30, 2013By Lance Baily

Various Medical Technology Related News Articles

future of healthcare in the uk

Here are some interesting articles I have read lately:

How EHR adoption impacts patient safety in the ED by  Kyle Murphy, PhD talks about the lack of patient safety feedback tools within EMR systems. Kyle makes a strong argument why performance improvement efforts should be tied to EHR systems.

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Patient Safety – Pay Now Or Pay Later by Alexandra Wilson Pecci examines why hospitals should seriously consider assistive technologies to increase patient safety and protect healthcare providers from injury.

Doctors Slow to Embrace Innovation? Maybe it’s because they own all the Risk by Shahid Shah shares why liability on new devices without proven data slows innovation in healthcare. Shahid also shares about his recent talk about actionable innovation in healthcare by moving beyond the hype of “disruptive technologies”.

The UK-Based Raconteur Covers the Future of Healthcare in this online version of their magazine. Great read that covers a range of topics from online patient services, the need to support technological innovation, patient social media interactions, healthcare technology hubs in the UK and making sure tech boxes don’t just sit on the shelf.

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