July 25, 2013By Lance Baily

Add Vital Signs to Low or Mid Fidelity Manikins – Video Tutorial

Ryan Douglas

Ryan Douglas from St. David’s School of Nursing at Texas State University made a video for the SimGHOSTS 2013 DIY Video Contest, Sponsored by B-Line Medical. Watch the video below to learn how to increase fidelity for your medical simulation program, and to watch other DIY Video Contest entries!

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About “Showing Signs of Life – Adding Vital Signs to Low to Mid Fidelity Manikins“:

The Showing Signs of Life project was a way for our organization to add vital signs to low and medium fidelity manikins which did not have these capabilities otherwise. Our faculty had been requesting vital sign output for our lower fidelity manikins since day one. However, this request was prior to the creation of the SimPad® product line, so our options were limited. We already had touch screen monitors at each bedside (so that we could move our SimMan® manikins to different locations) and we used AVS for our recording platform. Utilizing what we had in place, and incorporating a relatively small technology upgrade (Netbooks), we were able to put our heads together and come up with a unique solution. We used the SimMan software to produce the vital signs that our faculty had requested. In conjunction, we utilized the AVS client software to record the patient monitor output from SimMan and save it to an .AVI file format. These AVI files were then distributed to bedside computers where faculty chose which set they wished to use and ran them using Windows Media Player. Although the resulting output was read-only, the project greatly improved the realism our scenarios at an affordable price.

At SimGHOSTS 2013, Gold Sponsor B-Line Medical will be handing away $1000 in prizes contestants who entered short videos which demonstrate their “Do-It-Yourself projects” which increase lab efficiency or realism. Visit the B-Line Medical SG13 DIY Video Contest page to learn more! Check out these amazing DIY projects these Sim Techs and their programs have built to increase lab efficiency or simulation realism! You can also watch more DIY projects from the 2012 competition!

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