June 6, 2013By Lance Baily

New Dental Simulation Center Utilizes Specialized Manikin Technology

Simulation continues to expand into other healthcare sectors including Dentistry. I was forwarded this press release about the grand opening of a new Thailand-based Dental Simulation Center with the latest in educational technology.


Grand Opening of Dental Simulation Center Includes 120 DentSims for Skills Training, Mahidol Faculty of Dentistry, Thailand

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Mahidol University Faculty of Dentistry in Bangkok, Thailand will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony at one of the most advanced simulation centers in the medical and dental world on June 7, 2013. Dental students at Mahidol University now have the opportunity to master their cognitive and motor skills by training on 120 DentSim computerized training dental simulators.


Heavily utilized by faculty and students in this new facility will be the DentSim, a manikin specifically designed for dental education. Learn more about the DentSim by Image Navigation here.

Read the full press release by clicking the link below.

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Dean of Faculty of Dentistry, Mahidol University, Associate Professor Passiri Nisalak:
“On behalf of Mahidol University Faculty of Dentistry, I would like to inform you that June 7, 2013 is the official opening day of our Dental Simulation Center on the occasion of the 45th Foundation Day Anniversary of Mahidol University Faculty of Dentistry.

The Dental Simulation Center, the revolutionary computerized dental training system with the latest technologies, consists of 120 Advanced Dental Simulation Units with Augmented Reality-Based Technology and 120 Modern Dental Simulation Units with Computerized Training System. This center will provide the full simulation of the clinical environment to our dental students so they will have a great opportunity to experience the best and most effective training experience available in the dental education.

I have my utmost belief that this Dental Simulation Center will enhance dental students’ learning experience for the improvement of the study in the field of oral health sciences.”

Lawrence Obstfeld, CEO, Image Navigation Ltd. Manufacturers of the DentSim Simulator:

“We are honored to be Partners with the Mahidol University Faculty of Dentistry in the new Clinical Simulation Laboratory and advanced educational system.  By integrating state-of-the-art technology, advanced Expert Performance teaching methodologies and an innovative curriculum, Mahidol is setting a new standard for Dental Education.

 The Professors at Mahidol will guide their students through the complex problems presented in diverse fields such as operative dentistry, prosthodontics, endodontics and implant dentistry. Students will practice drilling on life-like manikins utilizing the DentSim GPS-like positioning system to track the location of the handpiece to tenths of a millimeter.  The DentSim interactive software will enable each student to receive on-demand feedback organized according to different parameters.  The Mahidol Faculty will utilize the DentSim lessons as a tool to teach critical skills and strategic thinking.

Mahidol’s students will challenge themselves to learn, practice and improve their critical skills individually.  By mastering skills such as handpiece positioning, drilling to proper depth, constructing wall angles and implant placement, the Mahidol student-dentists will be able to practice at a very high level and solve the puzzles presented by the patient simulator.

The Mahidol University Faculty of Dentistry is embracing advanced simulation at an unprecedented level.  We look forward to working with Mahidol in support and furtherance of this new educational paradigm.

DentSim Computerized Dental Training Simulator Background:

10 years, 36 research studies and over 100,000 hours of student learning around the world has demonstrated that DentSim practice produces dentists that learn quicker and enter the clinic above the minimum level of clinical competency.

Through DentSim simulators, the students at Mahidol will sequentially develop and analyze the performance tasks of operative dentistry without needing to wait in line to see a professor as is common today in dental schools around the world – the Mahidol professors will be able to playback and critique a 3 or 4 minute movie of each students’ two hours of work in the clinic on the DentSim.

After just one year in the clinic, a Mahidol University dental student practicing on DentSim will have received over 1,000 complete evaluations of his or her work, advancing their skills beyond the normal level required to qualify to work on people.  This means better dental care for the people of Thailand.

You can learn more about this new facility at the Mahidol University Website.

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