April 27, 2010By Lance Baily

Welcome Home Simulation Champions!

Welcome to HealthySimulation.com, an independent resource site for healthcare educators and professionals to share and grow our field of medical simulation.

Healthcare Simulation is such an emergent field that no one person, place, or resource has all the answers to the thousands of questions and problems unique to the developing technology.  While at this time the best way to learn about simulation is to visit a sim lab or sim center, the potential of the internet to share and exchange ideas from all over the world clearly provides an opportunity to grow healthy simulation faster and with greater ease than ever before.

The goal of this website is to provide unfiltered resources and honest advice for those developing and growing a simulation program.  By connecting the millions of new and developing simulation users with the thousands of “simulation champions”, those who not only get simulation but truly love it!

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By creating an independent website free from a specific vendor or association, this site exists to provide the hard to find, honest home-grown articles necessary to achieve a successful simulation program.  By sharing success stories from simulation labs across the world, about everything from taking the manikin out of the box to securing external contracts, we can all organically discover and thrive in the uncharted territories of healthcare simulation.

Additionally through reviews of products, associations, and conferences we the healthcare simulation community can gain a voice for concerns that have no other public home.  Open discussion about what works and what doesn’t in healthcare simulation is like calling all the card players out to show their hands, so we can all learn who has the best hand!

And although some still refuse to acknowledge the power and permanency of simulation in healthcare, the truth is that the methodology and the technology are here to stay.  So join us as we roll up our collective sleeves and take a look at what we’ve got, and help us shape where we’re going!

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