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Watch Webinar for $50 Discount on New Operating Simulation Technologies Course Launch is excited to launch the website’s newest course offering, “Operating Simulation Technologies to Improve Clinical Outcomes” on Wednesday, May 11 at 1PM PT. Developed by the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, this 6-hour, 3 Nursing CE beginner course will introduce operating simulation technologies to improve clinical education or training for improved patient care outcomes. As technology continues to revolutionize how healthcare simulation is provided to learners, the material provided by this course is extremely important. Scroll down on the course page and watch the webinar for a $50 discount code off your registration!

Upon registration, learners will gain course access for three months and be provided with template PDFs. The course is instructed by Kerri Oshust, MRT (MR), MBA, Michele Edwards, ACP, and Thomas Waring – all healthcare simulation experts with years of experience in the field. Through their instruction, learners can expect to become able to Distinguish the elements of healthcare simulation to operate an effective and realistic simulation program.

Additionally, this clinical simulation course is meant to provide insight on how to operate and troubleshoot hardware and software used in healthcare simulation to ensure consistent, patient-focused education. Another learning objective is to collaborate with facilitators on healthcare simulation design elements that follow recognized guidelines.

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At the end of this course, learners will have the knowledge needed to create immersive healthcare simulations using a variety of modalities, design theories, and ethical principles. Further, they will be able to describe the use of various technologies and implement troubleshooting skills required to effectively support a simulation program, describe the interprofessional communication skills, ethical principles, and leadership qualities required to be a successful simulation technologist.

Quick Facts:
Location: Online, 24/7
Level: Beginner
RN CE Contact Hours: 3
Unlocks: May 11th 1PM PT
Method: Lecture/Slides
Study time: 5+ hours
Course Access: 3 Months
Bonuses: Template PDFs
Guarantee: 30-Day $ Back

Meet the Instructors

Kerri Oshust, MRT (MR), MBA: Kerri currently is the Director of the Centre for Advanced Medical Simulation at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology located in Alberta Canada. Kerri Oshust started her healthcare career as a Radiological Technology and Magnetic Resonance Technology and has over 15 years of adult education experience. She also holds a Master of Business Administration which helps align the Center’s strategic vision and alignment with health education outcomes.

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Disclosures: Kerri is employed by NAIT.

Michele Edwards, ACP: In 2018 Michele started at the Center for Advanced Medical Simulation (CAMS), with a background as an Advanced Care Paramedic. Michele has since collaborated with team members, to create efficiencies in the simulation center and to ensure that team members are clear and effective in their roles and responsibilities. Michele worked with our technology department in 2019 to build an online orientation process, that included planning background information access and storage solutions to align with our current storage policies and procedures. It has proven effective and efficient, with ease of access to information when required. With the pandemic arriving in early 2020, we had to alter this slightly, but with the online basics completed, the transition was significantly easier.

In 2019 Michele was asked to attend a collaboration event with Heroes in Mind Advocacy and Research Consortium (HiMARC) through the University of Alberta. HiMARC assists in developing support options for first responder organizations within the province of Alberta including, Emergency Medical Services, Police, Fire, Peace officers, Military, and Corrections. This was an important event for Michele a Paramedic who is passionate about supporting mental health and wellness within these populations.

Michele created a plan to have animal-assisted intervention (AAI) included as a part of CAMS which she presented to our health leadership team in the fall of 2019. The AAI presentation was well received and had an excellent engagement. We had our first trial of AAI at CAMS in December of 2020 and completed a white paper that was shared with the school in the spring of 2021. Michele was tasked with creating a Simulation Technologist course to assist in training technologists that were in line with the Society of Simulation in Healthcare, CHSOS certification. Michele used her experience and training within CAMS along with the direction of the CHSOS certification to align the goals of the CAMS Simulation Technologist Course.

Thomas Waring: Thomas Waring was originally trained in the United Kingdom as a Clinical Technologist in the King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s Clinical Technologies Apprenticeship Program, where he rotated through OR Theaters, Renal Technology, Critical Care, Radiation Protection & Medical Engineering. While on the apprenticeship, Tom was offered employment as a Simulation Technician at King’s College Hospital, where he continued for the following three years. During his time at King’s, he learned to use Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, and Logic Pro to create high-quality content, which he continues to do at NAIT. Tom was appointed as Lead Instructor in the King’s College Hospital Clinical Technologist Apprenticeship program for the Simulation Technologist rotation. During his evenings and weekends, Tom used his vast knowledge of AV and healthcare technology to aid in running multiple live surgery conferences and masterclasses at King’s College Hospital, which were filmed and live-streamed all over the world. In May of 2019, Tom joined the team at NAIT as a Simulation Technologist and has used his previous experience to innovate and advance the Simulation Center’s operation. In November 2020 Tom gained certification as a Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialist (CHSOS).

Disclosures: Tom is employed by NAIT.

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