May 30, 2013By Lance Baily

Obesity Suits and Edema Legs For Manikins or Standardized Patients

Creating an immersive learning environment provides your learners the greatest opportunity to connect, prepare and train for realistic patient engagements. Adding moulage, the right medical props, actors, and background noise can all add up to great more realistic healthcare environments.  Obesity suits can also help to prepare healthcare providers with the opportunity to work through patient-related challenges.

simusuit logo offers obesity suits for both adults and pediatric manikins or standardized patients.

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simusuit obesity simulation

“Caring for obese, bariatric & heavy patients requires proper training and techniques to ensure both the patient’s safety and that of the Healthcare Provider. Our suits and accessories will add a strong element of REALISM to your simulations. SIM U SUIT products allow you to simulate true-to-life size and weight for obese patients. Sim U Suit bariatric obesity suits, pediatric obesity suits, pitting edema sleeves can help you improve your simulation quality and help create the controlled environment needed to learn safe care for unique patients that are commonly seen today.”

simleggings logo offers amazing edema legs for adults and pediatric manikins or standardized patients. We used a pair of these legs at the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas and found them very realistic and easy to use!

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simleggings edema simulation

“SimleggingsTM are simulation accessories that are designed to zip over the ankles and lower legs of mannequins from various manufacturers and can also be worn by standardized patients . They have a slight sheen and exhibit the characteristic “pitting” when pressure is applied to the legging. One of the most popular simulated experiences for our nursing students has involved a patient with chronic heart failure who goes into cardiac and respiratory arrest. In this scenario, we do a number of things to make this client as realistic as possible, such as spritzing him with water to mimic diaphoresis, adjusting his breath sounds to sound like crackles, responding to questions with one word sentences to reflect shortness of breath and manipulating the vital signs to reflect the seriousness of his condition. By having SimleggingsTM on the patient, the students can assess the pressure and degree of another symptom – pitting edema.”

BOTH of these companies and their products will be on display at INACSL so consider joining them June 12 – 15th in Las Vegas!

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