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Key Healthcare Simulation Resources & Opportunities from HealthySimulation.com

Since the website was founded in 2010, HealthySimulation.com has remained dedicated to providing the clinical simulation community with all of the resources necessary to help advance the industry forward toward increased adoption and practice. In doing this, the need for a variety of resources, including job postings, article updates, COVID-19 information, and more have become clear. Today, these resources can all be found on the website, and HealthySimulation.com continues to best identify what learners and simulationists are looking for and provide these recourses efficiently and effectively. This article details all of the resources currently available across the platform. Please help us spread the word by sharing this information with others who are active in the medical simulation space!

Latest Healthcare Simulation Content: Looking for new clinical simulation content? HealthySimulation.com is the best place to find daily articles, posted each day Monday through Friday. These articles cover a variety of topics and insights, including medical simulation news from around the world, educational opportunities, interviews with industry experts, healthcare simulation vendor updates, and much more! Make sure to visit the website each day to read the most recent posts and help yourself and your colleagues stay up-to-date in the world of medical simulation. If you have an article idea, we’d love to hear from you! Submit a healthcare simulation article here.

Content Search Menu: HealthySimulation.com readers can use the drop-down menu on the home page and click “Terms” to find specific content on healthcare simulation labels, simulators, organizations, events, and more. Further, learners can search for specific phrases or terms to list all the content on that particular topic. They can use this resource to better understand types of sim, including healthcare simulation, medical simulation, nursing simulation, clinical simulation, nursing simulation, pediatric simulation, dental simulation, and high-fidelity simulation. Another use of this resource is to better understand healthcare simulation-specific terminologies, such as moulage, simulators, simulation debriefing, nursing simulation scenarios, serious games, and more.

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Medical Simulation Advertisement Opportunities: Interested in advertising a product, brand, or service on HealthySimulation.com? HealthySimulation.com is the only online trade magazine dedicated to the medical simulation community. As an independent resource website, HealthySim shares practical knowledge with a global healthcare simulation audience including product previews and reviews. The website has been growing exponentially in daily visits and email subscriber rates, making now a better time than ever to sign on to advertise! For more information on advertisement opportunities, contact HealthySimulation.com Sales Director, Richard Kuschinsky at Richard@HealthySimulation.com.

Companies can also sign up to our Vendor Contact List to receive all announcements regarding vendor opportunities, or complete the form on this webpage to be sent our latest rate sheet.

Find and Connect with Healthcare Simulation Vendors: Looking to get connected to leading global healthcare simulation vendors for specific products or services? Complete this short form and vendors will reach out within hours!

Ongoing Writing Opportunities: HealthySimulation.com website currently engages over 45,000 clinical simulationists, educators, technologists, technicians, administrators, and learners across the world each and every month. Are you a healthcare simulation expert looking to help others within the industry gain valuable insight? If so, HealthySimulation.com has an exciting opportunity available to you! The clinical simulation platform is looking to expand by hiring several part-time medical simulation expert authors who will contribute to the website’s collection of healthcare simulation articles.

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The goal is that through varied voices and topics, HealthySimulation.com will be able to continue providing learners, simulationists, and other medical professionals with the most up-to-date, relevant, and engaging industry content currently available. By sharing your knowledge with the greater clinical simulation community, we can work together to take the healthcare simulation industry to new heights! Apply here today!

Medical Simulation Jobs – Listings and Tools: Healthcare simulation jobs provide emerging professionals with the opportunity to dive into a variety of innovative healthcare careers. These include positions in clinical education and training, advanced technologies, theatrical production, adult learning, administrative leadership, modern communicative practices, and more. This HealthySimulation.com resource provides a comprehensive list of healthcare simulation jobs, as well as a set of links to resources that will help employers and employees better prepare for medical simulation careers. Additionally, companies or professionals looking to gain international attention to a newly posted healthcare simulation position can post their healthcare simulation job now!

Healthcare Simulation Newsletter: Want to receive free bi-monthly emails with the most popular healthcare simulation news and resources? HealthySimulation.com’s free bi-monthly medical simulation newsletter is dedicated to providing simulation champions such as yourself with the best news, latest tips, research reviews, online resources, product demos, and conference coverage. Sign up today!

Healthcare Simulation Conferences & Workshops: Healthcare Simulation conferences are an absolute must for professionals seeking to start or expand their institution’s simulation programs. As there are very few educational pathways for Medical Simulation professionals, participating in simulation in healthcare conferences like SimGHOSTS, IMSH or INACSL is a crucial step in developing or expanding your institution’s program and developing your professional career. This page is dedicated to highlighting the fantastic global conferences coming up in 2022 that provide a range of focused simulation learning, networking, and vendor engagement opportunities, so save the dates! Previous annual events are also summarized in the drop-down fields at the bottom of the page.

Don’t See Your Event Listed below? Email us to have your healthcare simulation conference listed.

Healthcare Simulation Books: As educational degree pathways are extremely rare and healthcare simulation conferences typically take place only annually, healthcare professionals and institutions seeking to develop or expand their simulation expertise should invest heavily into the latest nursing simulation books, surgical simulation books, moulage books and more! Healthcare Simulation books are a critical component of learning how to develop, expand, and utilize medical simulation methodologies and technologies in professional healthcare institutions to improve learning and patient safety performance outcomes. This HealthySimulation.com web page lists everything from audiovisual system design, to manikin hardware, debriefing, patient simulators, nursing simulation, virtual reality, research books, surgical simulation, administrative manuals, Sim Tech guides, and more!

HealthySimulation.com LEARN Platform Opportunities

  • Submit a Webinar: Share your expertise with the global healthcare simulation audience. We can offer CEs/CMEs too! This presentation submission page provides all the important highlights about our presentation submission process as well as the forms necessary to get started now. After reading our Terms of Submission, simply submit the required information below and we will market, host, record, and distribute your Zoom webinar to the global medical simulation community!
  • Gain Sim CEs/CMEs via Weekly Webinars: Watch the latest healthcare simulation webinars from global experts while you gain continuing education contact hours! Subscribe for access to the entire library of more than 150 webinars and all future events!
  • Participate in Online Courses: We have a growing library of clinical simulation courses, all of which provide Nursing CE Contact Hours! Check out these powerful healthcare simulation courses developed by leading global experts and focus a few hours on important topics like getting started in simulation, working with moulage, simulation operations, and more!
  • New Course!Operating Simulation Technologies to Improve Clinical Outcomes” – This online 6-hour, 3 CE course developed by NAIT, introduces operating simulation technologies to improve clinical education or training for improved patient care outcomes. At the end of this course, you will have the knowledge needed to create immersive simulations using a variety of modalities, design theories, and ethical principles. You will be able to describe the use of various technologies and implement troubleshooting skills required to effectively support a simulation program, describe the interprofessional communication skills, ethical principles, and leadership qualities required to be a successful simulation technologist.
  • Teach a Course and Receive a Revenue Share: Interested in sharing your knowledge with a focused three to six-hour course? Email Lance Baily to explore ways to upload course content material that provides for a share of the revenue earned!

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