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IMSH 2022 Vendor Demos: Nasco Healthcare, Operative Experience, CyberPatient, SafeMedicate

Hosted by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSiH), this year’s International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) provided an opportunity for healthcare simulation champions from around the world to come together. IMSH 2022 remained a hybrid event as planned, taking place in person and virtually from January 15 to January 19, 2022, in Los Angeles, California at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Along with more than 90 exhibitors and more than 1,200 registered simulationists, HealthySimulation.com was in attendance and had the opportunity to interview several leading vendors across the industry. Below are healthcare simulation interviews with Nasco Healthcare, Operative Experience, CyberPatient, and SafeMedicate.

Nasco Healthcare Showcases TERi Geriatric Patient Simulator at IMSH 2022: HealthySimulation.com was on-hand at IMSH 2022 to learn more about the TERi geriatric patient simulator from Nasco Healthcare. The company shares that this product has all the soft features of a geriatric patient, and the different training aspects that a healthcare simulation educator could want. She simulates a 70 to 85-year-old predominantly female with interchangeable genitals and skin presentation throughout the course of her body.

Based in Saugerties, New York, and Fort Atkinson, WI, Nasco Healthcare provides a wide range of innovative and affordable healthcare simulation products to healthcare professionals worldwide. The company was started in 1941 by Norman Eckley, an agricultural teacher who developed educational tools from his farm. Eighty years later, Nasco Healthcare now has the largest range of healthcare simulation solutions in the world with over 6,000 rugged, reliable, and realistic products. Their mission is to prepare frontline healthcare workers to Be READY.

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Ready to answer the call.
Ready to make split-second decisions.
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The company works to meet the ever-changing needs of frontline healthcare workers by offering a comprehensive portfolio of simulation products that fulfill a broad range of low and high-fidelity requirements, including virtual patients and artificial intelligence (AI).

Operative Experience Showcases Trauma Manikins at IMSH 2022: HealthySimulation.com witnessed the latest trauma patient simulators from Operative Experience Inc. at the 2022 IMSH event from the Society in Simulation in Healthcare. In this video, Vice President Paul Bernal introduces a new series of manikins called the “Pro Series.” These manikins give learners the ability to do modularity (i.e. changing of the limbs). This is able to be achieved with both the lower legs and upper arms. In addition to the Pro Series male manikin, there is also a Pro Series female manikin (the first true female trauma manikin on the market today).

Operative Experience Inc. makes hands-in-the-body medical simulators for obstetrics, trauma, and surgical training. These healthcare simulation manikins are characterized by high anatomic fidelity and life-like tissue that can be incised, sutured, and retracted using standard surgical instruments. Headquartered in North East, Maryland, Operative Experience Inc.’s mission is to revolutionize surgical and medical team training. Using these high-fidelity simulation manikins, and with a rigorous experiential instructional paradigm, OEI works to reduce training costs while increasing training effectiveness and retention.

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The company is dedicated to applying this medical simulation technology throughout the continuum of care, from tactical operations in the field to emergency procedures in the operating room. Operative Experience Inc. is constantly considering research and partnerships that can expand the company’s surgical product line. For procedures that destroy tissue, OEI either provides modular replacements, cost-effective refurbishments, or low-cost task trainers. Task trainers enable repetitive cost-effective practice to proficiency in a surgical component, prior to a more expansive surgery. Orientation and on-site training are also available.

CyberPatient Showcases Virtual Patients Platform at IMSH 2022: HealthySimulation.com took a tour of CyberPatient’s virtual patient platform at the 2022 International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare. In this video, Mark Richie, the director of business development at Cyber Patient shares that the best way to look at Cyber Patient is as a virtual clinic or a virtual hospital that is on-demand and at a user’s fingertips. He takes viewers into the CyberPatient platform to see how the product can take a learner through the full continuum of patient management.

The CyberPatient platform serves as an immersive and interactive virtual learning solution designed to close the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical clinical skills. The platform provides educators with a 24/7 virtual hospital to support experiential learning practice while enabling learners to engage in real-world clinical cases without legal and ethical consequences. CyberPatient’s Learning Management System further allows faculty to develop case objectives in line with their curriculum and learning objectives while tracking their learners’ development.

CyberPatient cases cover the full continuum of care, challenging learners to sharpen their practical clinical decision-making at every stage in the continuum of care. These include History Taking, Physical Examination, Investigation & Analysis, Planning Case Management, Diagnosis & Treatment, Tests & Imaging, Treatment Planning, Surgery, Post-Operative Management, Follow-up/Final Disposal of Case and finally, Documentation of Medical Records. Currently, over 120+ peer-reviewed clinical cases are available, covering multiple and varied specialties including cardiology, central nervous system, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, musculoskeletal, obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, and respiratory.

SafeMedicate Showcases Screen-Based Simulated Medication Trainer at IMSH 2022: HealthySimulation.com connected with SafeMedicate at the 2022 International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare to learn more about their computer-based simulated medication administration training tool. At IMSH 2022, Jody Hamm, the President, the North American distributor of SafeMedicate, elaborated on the drug dosage application program. She explains that this resource is able to assist in teaching learners how to safely administer medications to patients for pre-licensure programs and healthcare systems.

Authentic World Ltd is the global market leader in the design and development of virtual authentic drug dosage calculation learning and assessment environments. The company’s flagship safeMedicate suite of programs are currently informing the competence development of over 330,000 nursing and healthcare practitioners and learners in 12 countries (UK, Ireland, USA, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, Poland, Qatar, UAE, Malta, Switzerland, and Mauritius) across five continents. Using unique interactive technology, the program actively supports learners in the crafting and diagnostic assessment of competence, and to date over 4.6 million safeMedicate drug dosage calculation assessments have been employed in the education of healthcare professionals across the globe.

More About IMSH

The Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) hosts IMSH annually and offers over 250 sessions encompassing interactive and immersive courses and plenary sessions. The IMSH meeting is aligned with the SSH’s mission to “provide hands-on learning in leading-edge medical simulation trends and technology, networking and collaboration.” Furthermore, the programs are all peer-reviewed and are selected to serve the needs of novices to experts.

“Every year, professionals from all experience levels and from more than 50 countries attend IMSH,” Kathy Adams, Director of Continuing Education, SSH, said. “Any professional interested in or currently working in healthcare simulation will find value in the healthcare simulation conference; the range of learning formats — from small, interactive workshops, to large, inspiring plenaries – and the breadth of topics presented by global experts ensures that there is something for every learning style, interest and experience level.”

At IMSH meetings, key areas of discussion are often new ideas, leadership development, new processes, and research findings, innovative approaches, design strategies, return on investment, and improved communication techniques. As a catalyst for advancement and evolution in healthcare simulation technology, the IMSH brings together and connects industry professionals to learn. The event is considered to be one of the top educational and networking events for the healthcare simulation world, especially for those with interests in IPE.

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