February 21, 2022By Lance Baily

TruCorp’s TruMan Trauma X, TruTourniquet Advance Trauma Training Skills

TruCorp’s TruMan Trauma X and TruTourniquet simulators are advancing Trauma training in the most realistic ways possible. Under certain circumstances, such as military combat, understanding how to address trauma is imperative to increasing patient safety and the likelihood of survival. This is where medical simulation comes into play – by utilizing trauma simulation, learners become better prepared to treat traumatic injuries in the field. This type of immersive training is what the clinical simulation company, TruCorp, provides through various medical training manikins and simulators. Specifically, the company’s TruMan Trauma X and TruTourniquet products are helping to revolutionize trauma training skills through a number of features.

These products provide instruction on training solutions for a wide range of techniques and procedures that can be used to save a patient’s life. Durable and lifelike, the products are ideal for learners, CME courses, and product demonstrations in many different fields and applications including field medics, combat medics, firefighters, first responders, EMTs, paramedics, and more. Further, all materials used combine high-level performance with ease of portability, making healthcare simulation training convenient, effective, and efficient.

“Our talented design engineering team have a very experienced skillset that allows their knowledge of CAD, 3D printing, realistic materials, and clinical anatomy to produce products with a controlled and meticulous approach,” said TruCorp Director Ryan Colhoun. “With support from our suppliers, we can optimize the materials within our inventory and source new ones that further enhance the feel, touch, and behavior of the product for a heightened simulation experience.”

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TruMan Trauma X: The TruMan Trauma X provides lifelike training in advanced airway management skills, CPR, and emergency surgical procedures for life-threatening trauma situations. The anatomically correct simulated human torso and AirSim X Airway work to facilitate training in percutaneous tracheostomy, needle and surgical cricothyroidotomy, chest tube insertion, needle decompression of tension pneumothorax, and more.

Techniques that can be taught and trained using the TruMan Trauma X include chest tube insertion, needle decompression, CPR, airway management, needle, and surgical cricothyroidotomy, percutaneous tracheostomy, and difficult airway management. To add to the diversification of the product, the TruMan Trauma X manikin is also available in a dark skin tone.

Overall, high quality, realism, and longevity make TruMan Trauma X the best ALS training manikin for medical professionals to practice lifesaving techniques and improve patient safety. TruCorp has developed this product to ensure a realistic experience and time-efficient setup and operation in a busy teaching setting. This model is also an ideal adult nursing manikin for nurse training and continuing education programs.

Additional model features include a realistic and durable AirSim X Airway and nasal passage with a five-year warranty, and a realistic larynx with palpable cricoid landmarks, laryngeal cartilages, and tracheal rings. TruMan Trauma X also exhibits an audible hiss when the needle is successfully inserted into the second and fifth intercostal spaces. The product provides for the easy identification of all anatomical landmarks for CPR, full head tilt with chin lift and jaw thrust, lifelike recoil during compressions.

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All consumables, which include the neck skin, larynx inserts, needle decompression inserts, and chest drain inserts, are cost-effective and easily replaceable. The manikins’ tongue bulb can be inflated to create tongue edema providing a variance during training, and user feedback is available through visible chest rise. Overall, this innovative design requires minimal maintenance and allows for easy product repairs.

TruTourniquet: The TruTourniquet has been designed to practice massive hemorrhage control in lower extremity trauma. The model is based on a right thigh and provides realistic bleeding control with visual feedback on user performance. Suitable for single or double tourniquet application, this is an ideal clinical simulation solution for robust training in massive hemorrhage control associated with traumatic amputation e.g. blast injury.

The number one feature of this product is the incredible realism that stems from the TruTourniquet’s weight, size, and movement of leg involved in a traumatic amputation, featuring one bleeding point and a fractured femur. The product is also extremely durable and has been tested for over 40,000 tourniquet applications without fail, according to TruCorp.

TruTourniquet users can simulate a massive hemorrhage when the product is connected to the pressurized blood supply. The model also provides visual feedback when the correct tourniquet force has been applied, and the initial set-up time is less than 10 minutes – making this product extremely convenient for educators and learners as well!

Another important feature is the unique blood recycling system that allows easy and quick set-up, providing continuous use with no downtime (consists of a blood storage base that circulates the blood back to the stump). The TruTourniquet has the ability to detach stumps from the base to use in a non-classroom environment as well. Able to be easily attached or detached as needed, the splash shield is yet another unique feature that helps users avoid blood overflow and keeps mess to a minimum.

“Using modern product management techniques and processes, and confidence in every member of the team gives our design engineers the empowerment to design with freedom. Putting the end-user at the heart of the spec, enables our team to design products that are functional, realistic but practical,” explained Colhoun. “With quick set up times, quick-fit connections, and the world-class five-year airway warranty, we know that Trucorp’s products are perfect for a busy classroom environment.”

More About TruCorp

An RCS ATLS preferred supplier, TruCorp is a medical simulation training device company that specializes in anatomically correct airway management simulators, emergency simulators, and surgical simulation trainers. In addition to medical training manikins, the company also offers a regional anesthesia trainer and an app for healthcare professionals.

TruCorp designs, engineers and produces a wide variety of these simulation manikins while remaining committed to healthcare best practices and patient wellbeing. The company’s products, which are used globally, come in both adult and pediatric models. The patient manikins meet the training needs of learners in universities, hospitals, emergency service organizations, simulation centers, and other academic/training environments.

TruCorp airway trainers have a long lifespan and easily replaceable parts. This makes them ideal training equipment for airway management training courses, focused on training current and prospective doctors, nurses, EMTs and paramedics, military members, firefighters, first responders, anesthesiologists, respiratory therapists, and clinical skills educators.

“Our customers are confident that by purchasing a Trucorp product they are getting quality, durability, and realism,” added Colhoun. “On top of great customer service, professional affiliations begin to form. Additionally, by designing all our products to have some degree of modularity, our customers can easily replace damaged parts without the need for product downtime, thus making simulation training less stressful. This all combined ensures that Trucorp’s products are of real value to our customers’ medical simulation journey.”

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