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BeMedSkilled Training Products, Modules Simulate Real Patient Conditions

From dental medicine to anesthesia, learners aspiring to enter the medical industry must be fully prepared for the skills and procedures they will be asked to perform in the field. Healthcare simulation is a pivotal way for these learners to receive the training and education they need to excel. Combining clinical learning virtual reality training, BeMedSkilled offers a full range of healthcare simulators and engaging modules that help learners practice various skills across medicine. This article highlights various BeMedSkilled products and explains their features and benefits across healthcare simulation learning.

BeMedSkilled Products

XR-Clinic: XR-Clinic is an innovative product for training medical personnel in professional skills without risk to patients in a realistic simulation environment, based on our BeMedSkilled’s XR (VR) technology. During these healthcare simulation scenarios, the learner wears personal protective equipment (PPE) and works through case scenarios based on WHO recommendations. Also during the scenarios, actors are replaced by virtual patients, and the opportunity to develop professional skills without the risk to the patient is granted to each participating learner. This type of learning helps maximize savings on physical equipment and reduces the cost of creating a simulation environment for training and OSCE. XR-Clinic further provides an automated exam of OSCE with an objective assessment and basic modules for the most common diseases. Additional clinical cases can be developed based on customer needs.

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XR-Station: XR-Station provides a set of highly realistic scenarios simulated in a virtual environment and meant for healthcare practitioners to train skills in ensuring both personal safety during the COVID-19 pandemic and diagnosing/treating COVID-19 patients. This solution helps to ensure personal biosafety when working with potential COVID-19 patients. Through this solution, learners can gain a better understanding of how to deal with COVID-19 during both outpatient visits and intensive care unit situations. XR-Station can:

  • Record training sessions and results.
  • Support the creation of personal accounts.
  • Enable real-time monitoring of XR-station.
  • Offers remote video surveillance.
  • Provides technical support.

Asclepia Virtual ENT-Simulator: Features of the Asclepia Virtual ENT-Simulator include an extra realistic 3D image created from real high-resolution CT scans and special 3D glasses that allow for observation from any angle and point. There is also an adjustable base for hands following the real position of the surgeon’s hands. Other features include an anti-vandal steel body of the simulator with height adjustment and pedal to allow learners to adjust the speed of the drill. Tactile feedback is produced from special haptic devices and is as accurate as in real interventions as well.

Virtual Otoscopy System: The Virtual Otoscopy System includes comprehensive training and assessment solution for medical learners, residents, GPS, and ENT specialists. The solution also has a unique control system that enables students to obtain automatic assessments during otoscopy. The solution is soft, flexible, and easily interchangeable with right and left ears designed for extremely realistic practice. Assessment modes allow educators to control the learning process with traditional testing and tasks for correct manipulations. Further, the Virtual Otoscopy System features high-quality images sufficient for use with magnifying devices: glasses, otoscope, or even ENT microscopes and ear endoscopes.

Uroatom: A model for teaching nephrostomy by the RG guide, the Uroatom can be used to practice puncture skills, create a percutaneous passage, and antegrade nephroscopy. This simulator mimics the structure of the lumbar section of the human body on a cut, and the internal structure mimics the renal cavity system and ureter. The product uses extremely realistic fabrics, and the x-ray contrast of tissues makes using fluoroscopy possible.

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Uroson: The Uroson is a simulator that represents percutaneous puncture interventions under ultrasound control. Learners can use this solution to practice the puncture of the maxillary kidney under ultrasound control. Characteristics include the simulation of fluid in the renal pyelocaliceal system, the realism of skin achieved by using unique materials, echo conductivity of tissues by ultrasound, and puncture marks and canals that can tighten for several days.

BE.DENT.PRO: BE.DENT.PRO is a multi-task dental simulator that helps prepare learners for manual skills and cavity prevention. More than just an objective assessment of separate skills, BE.DENT.PRO is a multi-task AR simulator assessing clinical competencies integrated in a realistic environment with accurate 3D visualization. Through this solution, learners can engage with used tools that are real HP and Typodont without any trackers within an Integrated Learning Management System.

The manikin head contains a universal model of the upper and lower jaw for preparation and restoration, with a soft gum and a set of 28 removable and replaceable teeth, as well as a water drain. Teeth are fastened screw-free to practice tooth extraction techniques. The built-in metal articulator allows the reproduction of the natural movements of the lower jaw in all possible anatomical positions: occlusion, protrusion, and retrusion. The entire training process is recorded on a camera and a video file is saved for each user. The file can be viewed in the library and used for debriefing or appeal.

Other company dental trainers include the BE.DENT.LIGHT and BE.DENT. OPTIMAL, which are both intended for the development of manual skills in dentistry. Recommended for learners, residents, and dental specialists, the BE.DENT.LIGHT and BE.DENT.OPTIMAL] trainers allow learners to experience dental training that reproduces real conditions of the patient’s visit and simulates the operation on the dental unit with a high level of accuracy. The BE.DENT.OPTIMAL trainer also has a built-in lesson editor that allows the teacher to create and edit lessons on their own, adjusting the trainer to the individual needs of each user. The following real dental instruments are used on both trainers:

  • Air/water syringe
  • Saliva ejector
  • High-speed handpiece
  • Low-speed handpiece

Basic Surgical Skills Trainer: The Basic Surgical Skills Trainer platform has a working area to practice basic surgical skills, particularly tying surgical knots, the application of single and continuous sutures, and practicing intradermal sutures on the skin. The product set includes training mini-blocks, a soft tissue suturing pad, and a skin suture pad.

Vascular Suture Training Platform: The Vascular Suture Training Platform is a portable training platform to practice basic skills of the vascular suture technique working with suture material 5/0-8/0 and microsurgical instruments. The product comes with highly realistic materials, and vessels of different diameters and wall thicknesses are provided.

Cosmetic Injection Trainer: For those who dream to become a beauty doctor, BeMedSkilled offers a realistic cosmetic injections trainer that imitates the human head with aging skin and bone landmarks. The life-size model of the face of the human head comes with aging skin. Landmarks include the forehead, orbit, external nose, zygomatic bones, lips, angles of the lower jaw, chin, auricles, and others.

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