October 18, 2021By Lance Baily

New Lifelike TruCorp TruBaby X Preps Learners for Pediatric Emergencies

Healthcare simulation is effective at improving outcomes for pediatric patients by preparing healthcare learners and providers with effective pediatric simulation training. Today, there are pediatric clinical skills training models that accurately reflect real-life pediatric patients to enhance education training efforts. TruCorp’s new TruBaby X is ideal for anesthetists, nurses, and pediatric emergency medical professionals. TruBaby X facilitates training in Directly Observed Practical Skills (DOPS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), and critical emergency medicine procedures including:

  • Infant Airway Management
  • Needle Thoracentesis
  • Chest Drain
  • Lumbar Puncture
  • Intraosseous (IO) Tibia Access
  • Urethral Catheterization (male and female genitalia inserts)
  • Peripheral Venous Cannulation (hands, arms and feet)
  • CPR

This article highlights more of TruBaby X’s unique features and ways the product can be used to benefit the clinical simulation community.

Built to withstand high volumes of repeated training, TruBaby X is incredibly lifelike with the appearance, weight, size, and movement of a 5-month-old infant, and is available in light and dark skin tone options to help reflect the diversity of real-life patients. The AirSim X airway, designed using CT DICOM data from real patients, is realistic and durable and comes with a market-leading 5-year airway warranty. Learners will gain proficiency in a range of infant airway management skills and will benefit from visible chest rise during successful training in:

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  • Endotracheal tube insertion
  • Double nasotracheal tube insertion
  • BVM (bag-valve-mask) ventilation techniques
  • Supraglottic device insertion (full range)
  • Direct and video laryngoscopy

TruBaby X additionally offers lifelike movement including head tilt, chin lift, and jaw thrust. All parts are fully interchangeable if required. Adding to the pediatric simulator’s realism, TruBaby X has lifelike rib structures including the xiphoid process and clavicle. There are palpable landmarks in the second intercostal space midclavicular line and fifth intercostal space mid-axillary line, as well as palpable vertebrae landmarks. Further, lumbar punctures can be practiced at L3-L4 and L4-L5 spine locations with a positive fluid flow indicating a successful procedure. Anatomy including the iliac crest is featured to help identify the correct location, and the manikin can be maneuvered into an upright or lateral decubitus position.

Another procedure facilitated by this lifelike and versatile TruCorp product includes Intraosseous (IO) Tibia access. Learners can identify realistic anatomy such as the tibial tuberosity and patella to help identify the proximal tibia intraosseous (IO) needle insertion site. Learners will experience realistic resistance when penetrating the medullary cavity.

Urethral Catheterization training can be performed on male and female genitalia inserts which are both provided with the manikin and are quick and easy to change as required. Another important skill medical professionals must be highly competent in, and which is facilitated by TruBaby X is Peripheral Venous Cannulation. Featured anatomy includes the dorsal venous arch, cephalic and basilic veins allowing needle cannulation at various locations (hands, arms, and feet). Learners will benefit from visible feedback in the form of realistic blood flashbacks.

TruBaby X also facilitates task trainer-style training in infant CPR techniques to improve practitioner confidence and patient safety. The manikin features a realistic rib structure with a xiphoid process and sternum. Learners can practice compressions of the full recommended depth of 1.5 inches with full chest recoil. Though infants are far smaller than adults, performing high-quality chest compressions during CPR is equally important. TruBaby X’s lifelike responsiveness to compressions and ventilation allows for realistic practice to improve patient outcomes.

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Like all of the company’s simulation manikins, this model is built to withstand repeated use in a busy training environment. The model is also a cost-effective pediatric nursing manikin. The TruMonitor-TruVent app can be used alongside the TruBaby X manikin to integrate clinical decision-making and full team training scenarios. This combination offers a truly unique and high-fidelity solution at a much lower cost compared to other solutions in the market.

With the realistic look and feel of tissues, and lifelike responsiveness during procedure training, the TruBaby X is truly a state-of-the-art pediatric simulation manikin. Plus, the entire clinical skills training model can be set-up time is less than five minutes. Together, all of these features make TruBaby X an optimal solution for medical procedure training with high versatility amongst various specialties.

“At TruCorp, we are passionate and committed to the development of lifelike and durable training solutions to improve the standard of global medical education, and ultimately help save lives. TruBaby X was designed to help achieve better outcomes for pediatric patients who undergo a variety of procedures, including Airway Management, Lumbar Puncture, Needle Thoracentesis and more. The level of realism helps to ensure everyone – from novices to expert professionals – feel confident to effectively treat pediatric patients,” said Michael Calo, sales and marketing director at TruCorp Ltd.

More About TruCorp

TruCorp, a UK-based company, designs, engineers and produces a wide variety of these simulation manikins while remaining committed to healthcare best practices and patient wellbeing. The company’s products, which are used globally, come in both adult and pediatric models. The patient manikins meet the training needs of learners in universities, hospitals, emergency service organizations, military organizations, simulation centers, and other academic/training environments.

In addition to medical training manikins, the company also offers a portfolio of ultrasound-guided task trainers for IV, PICC, and regional anesthesia training, and a simulated patient monitoring and ventilation app for healthcare professionals. Other new products include TruTourniquet, designed for teaching massive hemorrhage control, and ‘Stop The Bleed’ techniques using tourniquet applications. This model is based on an upper thigh involved in a traumatic amputation and provides realistic bleeding control with visual feedback on user performance.

TruCorp’s product range provides training solutions for intubation, fiberoptic examination, cricothyroidotomy, percutaneous tracheostomy, bronchoscopy, chest trauma including needle decompression and chest tube insertion, ultrasound, intraosseous (IO) training, IV cannulation, difficult airway management and ventilation, and resuscitation. “Made by professionals for professionals,” all materials used are strong with lifelike responsiveness, combining high-level performance with ease of portability.

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