October 6, 2021By Lance Baily

TrueClot Medical Simulation Products Provide Lifelike Bleeding Control Training Experiences

Developing proficiency in life-saving techniques is often determined by the realism of the medical simulation training resources. Luna’s TrueClot line of training products provides unprecedented and low-cost realism for all levels of hemorrhage control training from Stop the Bleed courses for civilians to Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) for combat medics and corpsmen. This article shares information about TruClot’s range of healthcare simulation training products that can be used to enhance the realism of training experiences for all responders.

One series of products, Luna’s TrueClot Wound Packing Task Trainers, are an excellent way to provide realistic low-cost, and repetitive training in wound packing and the use of advanced hemostatic gauzes. The task trainers have realistic outer anatomy and wound beds with hidden bleed points. Two different wound beds are available: a laceration or stab wound and a large caliber gunshot wound (GSW). The GSW contains a bony landmark that allows instruction to “pack to the bone.”

The task trainers are made from sturdy silicone, require no batteries or external power, have no moving parts, and can be used over and over again for thousands of wound packing events. A reinforced tubing mount prevents pullout of the tubing. A one-way valve ensures that the TrueClot Blood Simulant does not backflow into the 1-liter squeeze bottle during use. TrueClot Blood Simulant will wash easily from the trainer with water even if the blood simulant has dried.

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Further, the TrueClot Hemorrhage Control Training Kits provide everything needed to simulate or demonstrate proper wound packing with hemostatic gauze. Each kit includes a TrueClot Wound Packing Task Trainer, 4 1 liter TrueClot Blood Simulant Concentrate packs, a 1-liter mixing bottle, and 9 packs of 12-ft TrueClot Simulated Hemostatic Gauze all in a sturdy, protective carrying case with instructions for use mounted to the inside of the lid.

Choices of laceration versus gunshot wound task trainer and rolled versus Z-folded gauze allow users to customize training. The contents of the kit can typically be used to train approximately 20-30 people in the basics of wound packing and hemorrhage control. The extra mixing bottle allows users to have backup blood simulant available so the user never has any delays in their busy training day. The kits enable realistic, portable, and affordable wound packing clinical simulation for TCCC, TECC, TEMS, PHTLS, active shooter, and customized training.

A wearable device that allows full application of a tourniquet for training purposes, the TrueClot Tourniquet Application Trainer. Training blood can be pumped through the device to simulate hemorrhage and when a tourniquet is properly applied bleeding is stopped. The padded arm cuff reduces pinching and pain and allows for the proper application of a tourniquet during classroom or scenario training. The trainer can be worn under a uniform or large t-shirt. Tourniquet Application Trainer features:

  • Durable ballistic nylon construction
  • Easy to clean and air dry
  • Apply tourniquet high and tight or 2″ – 3″ above the wound
  • Heavy-duty padding to reduce pinching and pain
  • Bleeding wound with simulated vessel

The TrueClot Inguinal Packing Trainer is another wearable training aid that simulates a junctional hemorrhage that cannot be treated with a tourniquet and teaches advanced wound packing skills. The trainer can be placed on a manikin or worn by an actor for a higher level of realism. The trainer can be worn under or on top of clothing. For the highest level of realism using TrueClot Blood Simulant and Simulated Hemostatic Gauze for realistic blood clotting simulation. The trainer is for right-side inguinal area fitment only.

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The TrueClot Packing, Compression, and Tourniquet Task Trainer (PCT3) is a low-cost, durable bleeding control training aid. The simulated leg is ideal for introducing and reinforcing techniques including wound packing, compression bandages, and tourniquet application for hemorrhage control. It can be used as a dry trainer or moulage with blood simulant for a realistic training experience.

Additionally, TrueClot Blood Simulant looks, feels, and behaves like human blood and will realistically form blood clots when used together with TrueClot Simulated Hemostatic Dressings. This one-of-a-kind technology enables TrueClot Task Trainers to bleed until the user has properly applied a tourniquet or correctly packed the wound.

More About TrueClot

The TrueClot team is committed to developing long-lasting and low-cost products that provide the most realistic bleeding control training experiences possible. TrueClot understands the importance of providing reliable training products at an affordable price. The company aims to strike a balance between durable materials and maintaining a low cost per training for customers.

The durability of TrueClot task trainers ensures that customers may conduct several years of training sessions without replacement, limiting equipment costs. A single task trainer can be subjected to thousands of training sessions during its lifetime. And with each training session, wounds will repeatedly be packed with gauze, and tourniquets will be torqued and torqued until the bleeding has stopped.

In 2011, Luna Innovations (the parent company of TrueClot) was awarded a research contract by the Office of the Secretary of Defense to invent a next-generation blood simulant for use in training military combat medics. This new blood simulant needed to look, feel, and clot like real human blood. This research led to the development of TrueClot Blood Simulant; the only blood simulant with realistic, active clotting.

Soon after introducing TrueClot Blood Simulant, the company recognized the need for durable bleeding control task trainers. With a strong dedication to realism, TrueClot worked directly with EMS First Responders and Military Combat Medics to develop the task trainer product line. Today, TrueClot Wound Packing Task Trainers and Tourniquet Application Trainers are trusted all over the world to train EMS personnel, military first responders, and civilians.

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