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September 2021 Healthcare Simulation Webinars from

The webinar platform hosts a number of informative healthcare simulation webinars each month. These presentations are designed to cover a range of topics related to clinical simulation, including education, training and practice. In September, presentations will span clinical simulation topics including simulated medications, OB simulation training, IPE healthcare simulation events and Excel template project management. By registering to watch one or all of these webinars, simulationists and learners have the opportunity to listen to and learn from various leaders across the clinical simulation industry.

Injecting Realism: A Closer Look at Demo Dose Simulated Medications

Using and interacting with simulated medications — practice meds designed to provide realistic clinical simulation practice — helps to prepare learners for what they may encounter in real patient scenarios. To further explain the benefits of simulated medications, will host a one-hour beginner webinar on Sept. 8 at 10 AM PDT, titled “Injecting Realism: A Closer Look at Demo Dose Simulated Medications.” Presented by Beth Telesz MSN, RN, Wendeline Grbach, MSN, RN, CLNC, and Fabien Pampaloni RN, MSN, this webinar presentation will introduce innovative simulated medication solutions that are designed for healthcare educators by healthcare educators.

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In addition to sharing about the past, present and future of Demo Dose, presenters of this webinar will introduce innovative healthcare simulation solutions, which include a variety of available simulated medication types and preparations. These have been developed to enhance any scenarios involving medication administration by offering a near-real student learning experience. Equipment used for effective teaching of simulated medication storage and dispensing will be introduced as well.

Learning objectives include describing the main purpose of Demo Dose simulated medications, listing three different preparations of Demo Dose simulated medication, and listing the five most popular/most in-demand Demo Dose simulated medications. According to the company, Demo Dose’s goal is to exceed customer expectations and partner on healthcare and patient safety education projects in the lab and classroom. The company strives to meet all “medication-related” curricular needs.

Improving Outcomes for Mom & Baby: Next Level OB Simulation Training with RealMom Birthing Simulator and CTGi

On Sept. 22 at 9 AM PDT, Suzanne Torroni, BS will present the webinar “Improving Outcomes for Mom & Baby: Next Level OB Simulation Training with RealMom Birthing Simulator and CTGi.” During this one-hour beginner webinar, Torroni, executive sales manager at Operative Experience Inc., will discuss how to take labor and delivery OB simulation training to the next level with ultra-realistic and lifelike birthing simulators, RealMom and CTGi.

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Participants will discover RealMom’s full capabilities and educational value, learn how to apply RealMom to training for normal and difficult deliveries and how to recognize and train for fetal distress with RealMom’s iSimulate CTGi patient monitoring software. Learning objectives include:

  • Understand RealMom’s capabilities and educational value.
  • Apply RealMom to training for normal and difficult delivery scenarios.
  • Recognize fetal difficulties with RealMom and iSimulate CTGi monitoring software.

Integrating Pharmacy Learners Into IPE Healthcare Simulation Events

On Sept. 28 at 12 PM PDT, will host a webinar titled “Integrating Pharmacy Learners Into IPE Healthcare Simulation Events.” During this presentation, through which 1 RN CE contact hour can be earned, participants will have the opportunity to explore approaches that may be used to develop and implement interprofessional education simulations which include pharmacy learners.

Interprofessional simulation events from an interprofessional escape room to the development of interprofessional transitions of care will be described during the session with lessons learned from five universities provided throughout. Interprofessional education simulations presented in this webinar will be both in-person and virtual. Presented by Chelsea Renfro, PharmD, CHSE, Liza Barbarello Andrews, PharmD, RPh, BCCCP, BCPS, CHSE, Jenni Beall, PharmD, BCPS, CHSE, Carol Motycka Pharm.D, and Kelly A Lempicki, PharmD, BCPS, learning objectives include:

  • Describe three considerations when designing and implementing interprofessional simulations including pharmacy learners.
  • Summarize lessons learned from two interprofessional simulations which incorporate pharmacy learners.
  • Identify one interprofessional simulation to incorporate pharmacy learners into at your institution.

How One Sim Center Improved Scenario Development Through iRIS

On Sept. 29 at 9 AM PDT, Gary Taylor BSc (Hons), James Cleveland, Ph.D, MSN, RN, and Braulio Amezaga will present the webinar “How One Sim Center Improved Scenario Development Through iRIS.” This one hour, intermediate webinar demonstrates how UT Health San Antonio improved clinical simulation scenario development and collaboration with the iRIS Simulation Authoring Platform. The benefits iRIS has delivered for the CSI team include better engagement between curriculum and simulation, improved quality through alignment with INACSL standards, and time savings through export to manikins from various vendors. Learning objectives of this webinar are to:

  • Understand and overcome the challenges of healthcare simulation scenario development.
  • Understand how scenario development can be more efficient and improve the quality of scenarios.
  • Understand how to access 450+ scenarios from an authoring community.

Healthcare Simulation Project Management with Excel Template

On Sept. 29 at 11 AM PDT, Kimberly Patterson, MSN, RN, CHSE will present the webinar “Healthcare Simulation Project Management with Excel Template. This one-hour intermediate webinar shares how to utilize a free, customizable Excel template to effectively project manage your healthcare simulation events and track critical administrative data. During this presentation, Patterson will review the definition of project management as the term relates to the needs of a simulation center. She will also present a custom Excel document created for use at simulation centers. Additionally, she will review the content and setup of the template, including the integration of event timelines and tasks, and demo how the form auto-updates all tasks with correct dates for your timeline and identifies which tasks are not started, in progress, completed, overdue and NA.

All participants will be able to download the document and be given the password to edit all tasks and timeline dates as appropriate for their sim staff needs. As a group, they will practice updating the document, locking the cells and saving with a new password. Patterson will demo the VBA codes written to auto-generate an Outlook email to efficiently communicate planning updates to the team and to transfer accreditation event tracking data to a destination file saved elsewhere in your department shared drive as well. Learners will be shown how to remove or edit the code as needed for their unique needs. Learning objectives include:

  • Define project management in healthcare simulation.
  • Utilize an Excel project management tool for clinical simulation events.
  • Revise formatting and formulas in an Excel project management tool.

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