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The NEWEST Online Healthcare Simulation Courses

HealthySimulation.com now offers a growing library of online clinical simulation courses, many of which provide nursing CE contact hours. Taught by healthcare simulation experts with various backgrounds, these courses highlight numerous elements of the ever-evolving industry. As many simulationists progress through their careers without any formal training, these courses are meant to help provide guidance and insights to professionals and learners alike. Today, HealthySimulation.com is a Licensed Continuing Education Provider by the Board of Registered Nursing in the State of California.

Using Healthcare Simulation to Improve Medication Administration Safety

Presented by Dr. Kim Baily, PhD, MSN, RN, this course provides healthcare simulation tools and resources to enhance medication administration safety. The limited-time-only 6+ hour course is designed to help clinical educators learn how to best identify, design, integrate and assess the use of clinical simulation when training for medication administration.

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Learning objectives include:

  • Identifying the current sources and types of medication administration errors, as well as the options for reporting such errors as a means to improve practice.
  • Describing how human simulation-based learning can be used to improve patient safety during the medication administration process by training staff and identifying potential system errors.
  • Applying evidence-based simulation theory and practice to create scenarios that enhance medication administration safety.

Alarming error statistics and the need for improved medication administration practices are demonstrated, with the knowledge, tools and resources provided to begin addressing those concerns. Additionally, the course includes a breakdown of innovative clinical simulation technologies effective in providing medical administration training, and two clinical simulation scenario templates.

More About The Presenter: Baily has had a passion for healthcare simulation since she pulled her first sim man out of the closet and into the light in 2002. She has been a full-time educator and director of nursing, and was responsible for building and implementing two simulation programs at El Camino College and Pasadena City College in Southern California.

Baily is a member of both INACSL and SSIH. She serves as a consultant for emerging simulation programs, and has previously chaired the Southern California Simulation Collaborative, which supports healthcare professionals working in simulation in hospitals and academic institutions throughout Southern California. Baily has taught a variety of nursing and simulation-related courses in a variety of forums, such as on-site simulation debriefing workshops and online courses. Since retiring from full-time teaching, she has written over 100 healthcare simulation educational articles for HealthySimulation.com.

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Disclosures: Dr. Kim Baily writes for HealthySimulation.com

Telehealth 101: The Basics for Clinical Simulation

Instructed by Deb Tauber MSN, RN, CHSE, CEN, this two-hour HealthySimulation.com course provides a basic overview of telehealth in the context of clinical simulation. The course provides information on the basic components of telehealth, and includes best practices in terminology, applications, legal, privacy, billing and etiquette. Learning objectives include:

  • Identifying telehealth applications in current healthcare settings.
  • Describing history, terminology, equipment and proper etiquette of telehealth.
  • Discussing implications for telehealth and legal issues with HIPAA.

During the course, the learner is self-paced with four 10 to 15-minute modules, and a five-question quiz at the end of each module. This training provides the education a learner needs to understand telehealth, and to learn how the technology may affect clinical simulation. “Telehealth 101: The Basics for Clinical Simulation” is recommended for anyone in healthcare simulation interested in understanding the basic components of telehealth.

More About The Presenter: Tauber is the founder and CEO of Innovative SimSolutions LLC, and has over 35 years of healthcare experience. The majority of Tauber’s clinical experience has been in emergency medicine. Her experience includes working at five major hospital systems in the Chicago metropolitan area. Tauber held positions in ICU, Telemetry, ER and various clinical educator roles spanning over 25 years.

Currently, Tauber volunteers with the Society of Simulation and Healthcare (SSiH) serving on the Accreditation Council, Chair of Risk Management and as active site reviewer for the society since 2014. Regarding Tauber’s academic experience, she worked for a national nursing university as Manager of Simcare Operations. Serving in this role, Tauber led or significantly contributed to the setup and oversight of 20 simulation centers across the United States. This included design, planning, budgeting, implementation/setup, testing of the lab equipment and training of all lab staff.

Additionally, Tauber worked with all levels of the organization to provide education for nursing faculty on implementing simulation in practice. As an adjunct professor, Tauber also taught clinical classes to the students at the university’s Chicago campus. Tauber is a simulation subject matter expert, and has presented nationally and internationally on simulation at both IMSH as well as INACSL, and many other institutions and organizations.

Disclosures: Deb Tauber is the Founder/Owner of Innovative SimSolutions, LLC

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