October 21, 2010By Lance Baily

Simulation at Fire Academy

Hey Sim Champs!

Just for fun I thought I would share my video from my Fire Academy. I learned a lot about experiential learning in Fire Academy, as having an instructor tell us what we were going to do is definitely a lot different than actually doing it.

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For example the Chief would say “We are going to take a 4″ supply line off the back of the bed and take the hydrant as we park the engine on the north side of the building and then enter the second floor with two 2.5″ lines… got that?”.

Then we would gear up and run outside to our engines.  The fire would start to build and we would get called in.  The adrenaline would start pumping as I jumped off the engine and my instructor (a vietnam war veteran) started yelling in my ear that I was moving too slow all while the sirens are blazing and people are screaming for help.  Chaos was all around and there was just no escape.  Performance was crucial.

Nine guys dropped out of our Academy because they couldn’t perform under the stress of a simulated fire drill.  If they couldn’t hack it in the yard, could they hack it on a real scene when people’s lives were truly at stake?

Simulation works!

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