June 2, 2021By Lance Baily

UW CNE Launches Series to Encourage DEI Across Simulation Education

The University of Washington Continuing Nursing Education has launched a four-session live simulation series that includes a 2021 exhibit opportunity. Each week the series will feature an hour of didactic learning taught by experts in the field of clinical simulation, followed by an hour of interactive learning focused on synthesis and practical application. The series is targeted at meaningful growth and development in areas of antiracism, diversity, equity, and inclusion in simulation.

“There are many opportunities to integrate anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion into our simulation practices. The June simulation series arose out of a desire to share learnings from local and national experts in the field of simulation on how to successfully and thoughtfully integrate these values into healthcare simulation,” shared Sharon Daly, BSN, RN, CCRN, a nurse planner in the department of continuing nursing education at the University of Washington, School of Nursing.

This simulation series is best suited for educators, administrators, preceptors, staff development educators, clinical nurse specialists, nurse managers, staff nurses, and healthcare providers working in Simulation in clinical and academic settings. The sessions will be hosted as an online Zoom webinar.

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“Nurse educators and healthcare educators in the clinical and academic setting will learn how to utilize simulation in new ways to offer the best experiences and learning for the next generation of nurses and providers,” added Daly.

Participants can watch the live presentations remotely from their home or office. Recordings will be made available after the webinar. If a participant misses one of the lectures, they can watch the recordings later and still earn credit, which includes 8 contact hours.

During the first session on June 2 from 12 to 2 PM, speakers Keondra Rustan and Roger Lankeet will discuss “Promoting meaningful DEI practices in development of simulation scenarios (Part 1). Then, the second session on June 9 from 12 to 2 PM will feature the second part of this program discussing the facilitation of simulation scenarios, presented by Keondra Rustan and Narcy Foraker.

“After attending [the week one] session, learners will be more knowledgeable about best practices in simulation development and the impact bias and racism has on the development of simulation scenarios and leave with practical tools to integrate these concepts into scenario development,” Daly said.

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Session three, presented by Jocelyn Ludow, will discuss “Adapting simulation to a virtual and remote environment: approaching it through applying the simulation standards” on June 16 from 12 to 2 PM. On June 23 from 12 to 2 PM, Michelle Dedeo will focus a final session on “Simulation to develop teams and impact unit culture.”

“Week three of the simulation series will take a twist and focus on utilizing simulation in a new way: To Develop Teams and Impact Unit Culture,” Daly said. “In Week 4, Jocelyn Ludlow will conclude the series with a timely presentation on adapting simulation to a virtual and remote environment utilizing the simulation standards.”

Those interested in signing up for the series can do so by the session or for all four sessions at a discounted rate. Those with a scenario they would like examined through an anti-racism and DEI lens, or who have an idea for a scenario that they want developed, can email this information to [email protected] and our speakers. On June 2 a scenario will be chosen and discussed.

More About the Exhibit Opportunity 2021

This virtual program will provide organizations with an opportunity to showcase the role they play in nursing education. They will be able to connect with experienced professionals, industry leaders, and experts who want to learn about their products and services.

As the conference is remote due to COVID-19 restrictions, all attendees of the exhibit opportunity will sign on together starting on the day of the webinar. They will move through the conference together, live, to view all speeches. The exhibitions will happen asynchronously allowing for content to be available for one month after the conference date. The content will be alongside attendees’ mandatory handouts and evaluations in their user account with us online.

“This is not only the first but a premiere Pacific Northwest Simulation Conference. Planning in collaboration with the Pacific Northwest Healthcare Simulation Collaborative (PNWHSC) this will be a meeting of the minds of local and regional simulation experts and learners,” said Daily.

More About UW CNE

UW Continuing Nursing Education is committed to providing meaningful educational content for healthcare professionals through lifelong learning. The institution celebrates the experience and expertise of all healthcare workers and patients, centering diversity, equity and inclusion. UW CNE strives to foster a community of empowered nurses who provide the best evidence-based, inclusive, and holistic care for their patients.

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