Visualizing the Future for Health Professions Education

Pamela J. Boyers, Ph.D., MA, associate vice chancellor of clinical simulation at the Interprofessional Experiential Center for Enduring Learning (iEXCEL) at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), will be presenting a LEARN webinar entitled “Visualizing the Future for Health Professions Education” on Tuesday, May 18 at 11 a.m. PST. This healthcare simulation presentation will cover iEXCEL, a program that utilizes clinical simulation to transform healthcare education. This is achieved through visualization technologies like AR and VR (augmented reality and virtual reality) used to bring learning to life! Listed under the learning category of “virtual reality” with tagged key terms augmented reality, simulation and virtual reality, this hosted webinar includes a downloadable certificate of completion.

Boyers’ professional interest is to ensure that healthcare professionals (at all levels of training) are highly prepared to provide the safest possible patient care. This interest includes paying close attention to the well-being of healthcare professionals — and how they learn to work efficiently and effectively in healthcare teams. Also aiming to improve patient care, iEXCEL was created to transform health profession education through accelerating the adoption of simulation and visualization. A truly interprofessional endeavor, iEXCEL has been purposefully created to improve patient safety outcomes. The overarching vision is to improve human performance and effectiveness in healthcare.

The Davis Global Center (a 192,000-square-foot simulation facility) currently serves as the headquarters for iEXCEL. This new facility replicates the total healthcare system so that the transfer of the patient from home to hospital and back can be practiced. Equipped with highly-advanced medical simulation and visualization technologies, the center operates as an innovation hub where healthcare professionals can work with industry to address real-world challenges.

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This upcoming webinar presentation will highlight the iEXCEL visualization team, as this cutting-edge program combines technology, art and science to “bring learning to life.” Thus, learning objectives include demonstrating ways in which immersive visualization modules developed by iEXCEL complement and enhance hands-on simulation and traditional education, and meeting the interdisciplinary team of content creators at iEXCEL to see how skills in medical illustration, animation and programming are utilized. Additionally, the presentation will highlight the state-of-the-art visualization teaching technologies within the Davis Global Center.

Within the Davis Global Center, distinct modalities of healthcare simulation, including advanced surgical skills as well as clinical simulation via human-patient simulators, are complemented and enhanced through the use of emerging media platforms such as augmented reality and virtual reality (AR / VR). State-of-the art technologies that create holographic and 3D imaging further transform the educational process, allowing learners of all levels of training to create, feel and experience macro to micro concepts. The iEXCEL visualization model offers an in-house content creation team comprised of medical artists, animators, computer programmers and others who work with clinical subject matter experts to create medical imagery that accelerate learning and understanding of complex anatomical and physiological concepts.

Through the incorporation of visualization and mixed reality training tools to train healthcare professionals, iEXCEL is evolving a model for healthcare education that truly serves the needs of digital, visual and “hands-on” learners. The center provides a focus on addressing the critical need to provide safe and error-free medical care as well.

Disclosures: iEXCEL has nothing to disclose to the audience regarding this presentation.

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