April 5, 2013By Lance Baily

B-Line Medical SimCapture Ultra-Portable & iPad Debriefer Prototype

b-line medical ultra portable

B-Line Medical demonstrated their new “Ultra-Portable” SimCapture model at IMSH 2013. Having utilized B-Line Medical’s SimCapture product at the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas which had an entire server room dedicated to the equipment, I was impressed to see this powerful system running on a laptop.  Sandy Yin was on hand to provide an introduction to the system, as well as cover some changes to the SimCapture platform including a prototype iPad debriefing software.  Watch my short interview below to learn more:

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Suggested Benefits of B-Line Medical’s Ultra-Portable:

  • All-inclusive audiovisual hardware setup
  • From case to ready-to-record in minutes
  • No A/V or technical expertise required
  • Record up to 3 channels of video w/out power
  • Integrate with multiple types of simulators
  • 100% web-based-stream sessions live or post
  • Weighs less than 20 pounds
  • Integrates fully with SimCapture / SimBridge

Although the SimCapture Ultra-Portable was very compact, I saw no loss of high-resolution quality on the screen as the picture was very clear.  Testing audio was not really possible in the noisy exhibit hall.  The idea of being able to bring in a laptop for in-situ simulations for quick and easy A/V capture and debriefing is very appealing here.  I would also consider this product viable for community colleges or other small simulation programs looking to get started into simulation recording without having the budget for massive permanent server-rack based systems.

Download the B-Line Medical SimCapture Ultra-Portable brochure.

B-Line Medical Ultra-Portable Includes:

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  • Laptop form factor SimCapture
  • 2 high-quality webcams with tripod mounts
  • Integrated boundary microphones
  • DVI capture of virtually any medical device
  • Hardcase with all required cabling
  • Assorted adapters and extension cables
While working at the CSCLV I wrote a review of B-Line Medical’s Systems, which to be fair, now has some sections key points which are now out-of-date.  Sandy updated me that the “Clinical Skills” software for Standardized Patient Engagements and the “SimCapture” system have been combined together into SimCapture.  SimBridge is still around to connect individual SimCapture units together as the Learning Management System.  Learn more about the SimCapture system here.

b-line medical connectivity

 SimCapture Specifications:

  • Capture video, simulator logs and annotations
  • Assemble comprehensive participant portfolios
  • Integrate with multiple types of simulators
  • Manage center inventory and resources
  • Customizable roles and participant types
  • Record any four feeds simultaneously
  • High resolution H.264 encoding and streaming
  • Debrief from anywhere (locally or remotely)
  • Generate numerous reports
  • 100% web-accessible (works on or offline)

Lastly, Sandy showed me the iPad Prototype Debriefer software which should be available Summer 2013. This app will allow for quick debriefing on-screen with annotations and most of the features found with the desktop version of the web-based software.

b-line medical ipad


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