April 6, 2021By Lance Baily

SESAM 2021 April 14-16: Virtual EU Sim Conference Introduces New COVID-19-Track

In the program’s 26th year, the 2021 Society in Europe for Simulation (SESAM) conference will go virtual and take place from Wednesday April 14th to Friday April 16th. This healthcare simulation conference was originally scheduled to take place in Milan in June 2020, then was postponed to Seville, Spain, and is now taking place virtually due to the ongoing pandemic. This medical simulation conference will include all accepted abstracts from both Milan and Seville. This is the first time SESAM members and the wider healthcare simulation community will be extended the unique opportunity to gather online.

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EU Simulation Resources From the SESAM Organization” Presented by SESAM President Marc Lazarovici, MD

SESAM’s scientific committee has worked hard to put together an inspiring program that will include relevant keynote lectures along with a selection of educational workshops. The purpose of these lectures and workshops is to share the science from the postponed meeting and introduce new content developed specifically for an additional COVID-19 track. The committee is currently working to add additional sessions to the program that take advantage of the new virtual platform for what promises to be a content-rich and social three-day experience.

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“I look forward to bringing our whole community together once again – albeit virtually – to recognize the extraordinary work of our healthcare professionals and to reflect on the events of the past year and the new ways of working that we have all embraced,” said SESAM Executive Committee President Marc Lazarovici.

SESAM believes that the virtual platform that the organization has chosen to use will provide many more opportunities to showcase the meaningful work that simulationists are doing. The organization is committed to providing this platform so that commercial members and strategic partners can showcase their work and join the healthcare simulation conversation. Those working in the field of clinical simulation can expect to hear from leading international practitioners in a safe learning environment alongside other simulationists from across the world during this event.

“SESAM’s first online meeting offers members and the wider simulation community a unique opportunity to gather virtually,” said Lazarovici. “The conference will allow all those working in the field of simulation to hear from leading international practitioners in a safe learning environment and for, the first time, enable others to join online from anywhere in the world to catch up on the latest simulation practice in Europe.”

Lazarovici added that SESAM 2021 will share nearly 100 hours of content including a range of workshops, abstract presentations, industry presentations, workshops from SESAM special interest groups and six keynote/state-of-the-art presentations. With the organization’s most international delegation ever, SESAM has also enabled closed caption voice recognition translation on the platform to make it easier for everyone to access the content.

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“As well as the content rich program, we have also chosen an event platform that allows for lots of networking and chat and also gives delegates the chance to meet through the platform using collaboration rooms,” said Lazarovici. “Meeting old colleagues, making new connections, mentorship and collaboration is an important part of the SESAM Annual Meeting and we want the virtual meeting to deliver this to our delegates too.”

SESAM’s commercial members and strategic partners are part of the membership community and are critical to the organization’s work and mission. To share recent practice more widely and give the meeting a more international reach, SESAM has invited more global colleagues than ever before to join in this virtual meeting.

Executive leadership has worked with the organizing committee to ensure that this year’s program is delivered online in a way that is easy for a great number of delegates to access from home or from work even with all of the concurrent demands on their time. Importantly, SESAM is committed to bringing networking opportunities to the forefront so that the meeting remains a social event with real opportunities to meet and connect with colleagues.

Sesam virtual meeting

“We have also included personalised agendas and the ability to change this into your home time zone to make it easier to stay on track with the program,” added Lazarovici.

SESAM is grateful to all sponsors and exhibitors for their generous support of the meeting. Attendees can look forward to presentations from Laerdal, CAE, MSE, SimStation, InPASS, Laparo, iRIS, Accurate, 3D Systems, InSimu, and more.

SESAM is also happy to welcome keynote and state of the art speakers. The Lou Oberndorf speaker for 2021 will be Vicki Le Blanc PhD, presenting “Do we learn better under pressure? The role of emotions in simulation-based learning.” In this lecture Le Blanc will highlight how heightened emotional environments impact teaching, present strategies to mitigate these impacts and discuss how simulation can prepare learners to provide care in heightened emotional contexts.

Other presenters will include Patrea Andersen, RN, PhD, Cristina Diaz-Navarro, MD, PhD, Doris Østergaard, MD, DHPE, and David M Gaba, MD. Additionally, Marc Priestley, an off-topic speaker, will share his experience as a member of one of sports most successful organizations, McLaren Racing, to discover why simulation has more in common with F1 than some may think.

To allow the virtual meeting to reach the widest audience possible, SESAM has introduced a special 30 Euro registration fee for any delegates from low, middle and upper middle income countries and all members of SESAM’s affiliate organisations. They can use the code “AFFILIATE21” for a 20% reduction in the cost of registration.

More About SESAM

The Society in Europe for Simulation, formerly known as The Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine, is the world’s longest running interprofessional healthcare simulation organization. The mission of SESAM is to encourage and support the use of simulation in healthcare for the purpose of training and research. The SESAM constitution shares that the purpose of the registered association is to develop and apply simulation throughout education, research and quality management in medicine and healthcare settings. The society also works to facilitate, exchange and improve upon the technology and knowledge related to healthcare simulation across Europe.

In working to achieve these goals, SESAM has established an official open access journal named Advances in Simulation. The journal includes articles relevant to simulation in the fields of healthcare practice, human factors, psychology, sociology, anthropology, communication, teamwork, human performance, education, learning technology, economics, biomedical engineering, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, therapeutics, scientific computation, simulation modeling, population studies, theatre, craft, program evaluation and more. All articles published by Advances in Simulation are made freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication, without subscription charges or registration barriers.

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