March 12, 2013By Lance Baily

SimManager Product Demo Video & Interview


The SimManager platform, which was developed by SimVenture (a joint collaborative of HealthStream & Laerdal Medical), was on display at IMSH 2013 at the SimCenter booth, right across from the Laerdal space. SimManager is an individual component of SimCenter, which also includes SimStore, SimDeveloper and SimView. To better understand the relationship between these SimCenter components and the specific tools of SimManager I recorded an interview with Solutions Manager Lydon Small.

Watch the comprehensive video below to learn more about SimManager as well as to understand why such management systems can dramatically increase efficiency and reporting for your medical simulation program:

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What I learned about SimManager

SimManager is a cloud-based software service that requires an ongoing subscription fee automatically updated since there are no onsite hardware needs.  SimManager is the back-end scheduling, reporting and content management system for operating the day-to-day needs of a healthcare simulation lab.  SimManager schedules lab video recordings through SimView and holds purchased scenarios through SimStore.


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SimManager can help you schedule an event using existing templates and modify those needs depending on the specific lesson plans for that day. Users can be given different administrative control capabilities, which means you can choose who can edit the calendar and how can view it, or request space.  Having one person approve requests or create the calendar will certainly increase your program efficiency overtime and reduce scheduling headaches.  Note that additional SimView systems that are utilized to capture simulation events are a hardware/software solution which currently provide log files back to SimManger (with plans to connect video in the future). In this sense, these different SimCenter components offer modular solutions that can be specific to the needs of your current or future simulation program.

SimManager also allows you to create exportable reports of room utilization that hold specific pieces of equipment in-order to better demonstrate ROI. Furthermore, SimManager allows for learner tracking to better identify changes in performance.  This kind of tracking is crucial to demonstrate to higher levels of administration how staff, equipment and supplies are being utilized by the program.

Of course, purchased SimStore scenarios, handlers, trends and other multimedia components can be connected and controlled through SimManager, letting your allocate which licenses are utilized by which pieces of equipment.

HealthStream SimManager Features:

  • Ability to manage simulation rooms, equipment, instructors, and simulation technicians.
  • Can track, manage, and report
  • Schedule and assign simulation learning activities
  • Manage simulation content
  • Integrates simulation scenarios into learning curricula
  • Can customize role management to create varying access levels for administrators
  • Configure and schedule reports for simulator utilization and activity
  • Upload and store simulator debriefing files
  • Capture simulation activity on learner transcripts
  • Integrates with Laerdal simulators
  • Integrates with SimCenter product suite, including SimStore, SimDeveloper, and SimView

Visit the HealthStream SimCenter webpage, the HealthStream Blog and to learn more!

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