January 20, 2021By Lance Baily

Top 10 Medical Simulation Posts of 2020

HealthySimulation.com is excited to shared this list of the top 10 medical simulation posts of 2020 with simulationists around the world. The past year has been filled with challenges for many sim centers due to the coronavirus pandemic. A few of these top articles touch on the COVID-19 response, while others offer clinical simulation resources and insights for learners and educators. Another leading topic, 2020 helped push conversation regarding racial disparity in healthcare simulation forward. Please be sure to share this article with all your simulation colleagues to help convey all that has happened during 2020. Also, consider sharing your simulation news with us in 2021 – together lets help keep the healthcare simulation community informed!

10. Simterviews: Medical Simulation Experts Discuss COVID-19 Responses: The coronavirus pandemic created a number of challenges for the field of simulation since the virus’s onset in March 2020. HealthySimulation.com spoke to a number of healthcare simulation experts about the pandemic during the website’s new Simterviews series. Throughout this series, many of these experts described how their institutions have responded to COVID-19, and what obstacles and opportunities were presented as a result.

9. Virtual Debriefing in the Age of COVID-19: Virtual debriefings require simulation educators to facilitate discussions through web-based videoconferencing platforms. Facilitating debriefings through a computer interface introduces a unique set of challenges. In this webinar, Adam Cheng is Professor, Departments of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine at the University of Calgary in Calgary, Canada, discusses how the Communities of Inquiry conceptual framework can be used as a useful structure to organize practical guidance for conducting virtual debriefings, and highlight practical strategies to promote effective virtual debriefings.

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8. NCSBN and INACSL Guidelines for Nursing Simulation Programs, w/ Downloadable Checklist: Creating a healthcare simulation program from scratch, sometimes with limited funding, is a daunting prospect especially when state boards of nursing and other accrediting bodies are increasingly expecting nursing simulation programs to follow recognized national standards. Simply creating a simulation lab space and coercing clinical faculty to run simulation scenarios will not create a simulation program that meets current best practice or meets the needs of learners. The good news is that there are existing guidelines that will start any program on the right setting, which is the focus of this article.

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7. Transcending Racial Disparity in Healthcare Simulation Education with Limbs & Things: For many years, healthcare simulation leaders have encountered annual training that is meant to increase awareness about meeting the needs and concerns of any patient, regardless of age, skin tone, religion, gender, physical appearance, or socioeconomic status. Limbs & Things shares some of the ways healthcare simulationists can overcome racial disparity in healthcare simulation education through both leading research and realistic nursing skill task trainers which better represent minority communities.

6. Downloadable ‘Flexible Medical Simulation Operations Plan’ from M Simulation Program: Lou Clark, PhD, MFA Executive Director of the M Simulation Program at the University of Minnesota recently shares his team’s “Flexible Operations Plan in the COVID-19 Response” which is an extremely useful document for medical simulation managers looking to consider ways of ‘re-opening’ this summer. From covering core definitions of potential learning activities with online, hybrid, and on-site simulated learning activities to highlighting risks, safety protocols, and utilization guidelines — this downloadable document is an absolute must read for those operating healthcare simulation programs during the COVID-19 crisis.

5. Why Some Sim Experts Are Already Calling This The World’s Best New High-Fidelity Patient Simulator: MedVision has continued the advancement of educational excellence in quality healthcare through the development of advanced medical simulation patient manikins — just mostly outside the United States. But all that is about to change as the company is rapidly expanding globally. Working to deliver customers the training measures needed to improve patient safety outcomes, the company’s Leonardo human patient simulator extends training in basic to advanced medical procedures, clinical team development and patient case management.

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4. COVID-19 Simulation Scenarios From EM SIM CASES: EM SIM CASES, which provides peer-reviewed simulation cases for Emergency Medicine programs available in FOAMed spirit, has been consistently creating and sharing COVID-19 medical simulation scenarios from the global community. Here are all the COVID-19 Simulation Scenarios from the group, with additional Coronavirus simulation scenarios listed from HealthySimulation.com’s “Comprehensive COVID-19 Simulation Resources” page.

3. Global Healthcare Simulation Community Mourns Loss of Champion Chad Epps: With a heavy heart, HealthySimulation.com reported that medical simulation expert Dr. Chad Epps, died suddenly on Friday, December 18, 2020. His unmatched service to clinical simulation through the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Center for Healthcare Improvement and Patient Simulation (CHIPS), Global Network for Simulation in Healthcare and Society for Simulation in Healthcare will never be forgotten. This article shared Chad’s memorial service information and ways his family is accepting donations made in his honor.

2. HealthySimulation.com New Webinar Platform: To meet the growing demand for virtual learning services, HealthySimulation.com launched a webinar platform designed to share informative presentations from clinical simulation leaders around the world. Discussing a variety of topics, these webinars help simulationists further their understanding of the field as a whole. The platform also offers the latest webinar program updates, activity leaderboards, and peer reviews.

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1. Comprehensive COVID-19 Sim Resource List Page: This page was created to list all of the latest resources created by or in support of medical simulation programs providing education and training against the spread of COVID-19, aka the Coronavirus. Every healthcare educational and training program in the world should immediately review these clinical simulation tools to combat against the spread of the virus. From sim scenarios to research from the front lines in China, to sim lab policy ideas to online learning courses — there are the latest simulation in healthcare tools to fight COVID-19.

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