February 7, 2013By Lance Baily

Florida Simulation Healthcare Alliance Launches!

florida healthcare simulation alliance

Last week at IMSH 2013 in Orlando I had an opportunity to meet with Rita Swanson, RN, BSN who is the new Training Director for the Florida Healthcare Simulation Alliance (FHSA) which had its inaugural booth at the meeting!  Watch the video below to learn more about the FHSA The FHSA was launched

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From FloridaHealthSimAlliance.Org “The Florida Healthcare Simulation Alliance is a statewide organization with the mission of advancing, coordinating, and expanding the use of all forms of simulation in academic settings, healthcare institutions, and agencies across the state to advance healthcare education to foster patient safety.  It serves as a resource to facilitate collaboration, networking, and the development and integration of best practices into the delivery of patient care and to improve patient safety.”

State-wide regional collaboratives such as the FHSA are blossoming across the U.S., demonstrating further need for community-building and resource sharing on a peer-to-peer level.  FHSA institutional or individual memberships provide simulation champions with access to community discussions, learning events, leadership opportunities, newsletters and more.  In the video above, Rita explains how the group developed after the success of a grant-funded “Partners Investing in Nursing’s Future Project”, which promoted the use of simulation technology in Florida nurse education.”

Training Courses:

Rita explained to me that the FHSA goes beyond “get-togethers” to provide much needed training. “The Florida Healthcare Simulation Alliance is making good progress to accomplish the objective of offering simulation courses and workshops during its first year as an organization.  The Alliance training manager has formed the nucleus of a Faculty Council.  This body, made up of experienced simulation practitioners from across the state, will guide the development of courses and faculty qualifications.  The International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) standards of best practice for simulation and the Best Evidence in Medical Education (BEME) Collaboration materials will inform course development.

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florida health sim alliance


The website further explains “Because of the geography and population distribution of Florida, as well as the large number of locations using simulation, the Alliance is building a state model of eight regional collaboratives.  The membership of the collaboratives will form the core of the Stakeholders Council of the Alliance.  A Steering Committee of the Stakeholders Council has been formed with representatives from each region.  This committee provides the Alliance staff advice and guidance for the development of useful services and activities.  It also will guide the formation of a larger leadership group in each region in preparation for a membership drive in the fall of 2012.

In addition to the eight regional collaboratives, the Alliance is developing special interest groups, as well as statewide services and programs.  The first program to be offered by the Alliance is a two day Essentials of Simulation (EOS) course.  The course is a product of CAE Healthcare, formerly MEDI.  CAE Healthcare has given the Alliance exclusive rights to offer EOS to Florida residents.  The first cadre of Alliance EOS instructors has been trained by CAE Healthcare, and plans are being developed to offer the course in the regions of the state.  Future plans include offering a series of progressively advanced courses.”
Rita’s advice for other states or regional groups looking to build similar collaboratives was to “get the simulation champions from all the sectors including academia, healthcare industry and also simulation product suppliers” together to identify mutually beneficial opportunities.  Too true Rita! Do you have a regional collaborative that should be shared with the international healthcare simulation community here on HealthySim? Email Lance and share your group today!
Learn more about the FHSA at http://www.floridahealthsimalliance.org/ (and be sure to tell them HealthySimulation sent you!)

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