November 9, 2020By Lindsey Nolen

ASPiH Virtual Conference 2020 Focuses on Next Generation of Healthcare Simulation

The Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare, also known as ASPiH, will host the healthcare simulation organization’s eleventh annual simulation conference virtually this year — starting tomorrow November 10th-11th. This clinical simulation conference focuses on “Simulated Practice in Healthcare — the Next Decade” and is highly recommended by as one of the world’s leading events! Best of all, there is STILL time to register to participate in this event no matter where you are in the world.

ASPiH leadership recognizes that despite the coronavirus pandemic, excellent work across the field of simulation is being delivered by the simulation technician community. This work has helped lead to alternative ways to support the delivery of simulation education and simulation training in many different settings.

While adaptation and innovation is taking place across simulation centers and institutions, ASPiH believes there is a need to identify and better understand what practices and strategies work best, what has failed, and what has been learned over this period. To create a shared space to discuss these topics, ASPiH plans to use this virtual conference to gather the simulation community to work together, share, learn, celebrate achievements and capture details. This way, cohesion and consistency can be delivered for the benefit of both faculty members and learners alike.

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According to ASPiH, one advantage of hosting this conference virtually is that the recording will be available for months afterward at the conference’s conclusion for attendees and non-attendees, registered and non-registered. This requires that the virtual conference is interactive and engaging enough to make attendance preferable to post event recording. This is where employing the Zoom platform comes into use because the platform can promote optimum conference engagement.

To date, ASPiH has passed 300 registered attendees and the Industry involvement is enthusiastic. The organization believes the newly instated virtual platform will offer a great experience for anyone attending. Additionally, there will be prizes awarded to attendees for the best presentation and the greatest interaction with the exhibitors.

ASPiH 2020 Simulation Conference Highlights

At the ASPiH 2020 healthcare simulation conference, opening remarks and a welcome address will be given by organization president, Dr. Makani Purva. Following these remarks, Tracey Levett- Jones, professor of Nursing Education University of Technology, Sydney, will discuss “Using Simulation to develop empathy.” As empathy is considered a basic component of therapeutic relationships and a critical factor in patients’ definitions of quality care, she will explain how healthcare professionals who practice without empathy are themselves at risk of depression, burnout and attrition.

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During another session, Adrian Plunkett, a PICU Consultant at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, discusses the “Future of Healthcare — Leading from Excellence and COVID-19.” He will explain the philosophy and practice of learning from excellence, and cover a brief review of the evidence to support this approach as a complementary approach to safety and quality improvement. Other discussion topics include:

  • Dissecting a manuscript to learn about research
  • Applying Learning to Practice
  • Benefits, CAP and an examination of the 5 requisite competencies
  • Ergonomics & healthcare
  • Use of Prosthetics Within Moulage Workshop
  • Developing a national vision for simulation and immersive learning technologies in health and care
  • Harnessing COVID-19: Reflections of the simulation community
  • Adapting to our new world with simulated patients
  • Becoming expert in a changing world

Here’s a look at the 2018 ASPiH conference:

Learn More About ASPiH

ASPiH is a healthcare simulation membership association consisting of members drawn from clinical, education and patient safety backgrounds. Members of this association include researchers, learning technologists, sim techs, workforce development or education managers, administrators, and other staff and learners.

All ASPiH members have a genuine interest in new and innovative methods of simulation learning, as well as optimizing the use of existing simulation resources within their practice or sim center. Membership bridges undergraduate and pre- registration education as well as postgraduate and post registration training and on-going CPD for all of the health and social care workforce.

Formed in 2009 through the merger of the National Association of Medical Simulators (NAMS) and the Clinical Skills Network (CSN) the overarching goal of ASPiH is to enable wider sharing of knowledge, expertise, and educational innovation across healthcare simulation. In 2019, ASPiH celebrated the organization’s 10th anniversary conference in Belfast. This was the start of the next decade, and conferences are about building on knowledge and looking to the future.

Learn More on the ASPiH Website!

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