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WorldPoint’s Most In-Demand COVID-19 Clinical Simulation Training Solutions

Recently HealthySimulation.com asked WorldPoint what clinical simulation training products have been in the highest demand, in-order to ensure our readers are aware of popular solutions worth considering most. WorldPoint, a company focused on healthcare simulation training solutions, distributes key resources supporting healthcare simulation centers around the world with the materials, products, and knowledge needed to achieve their learning goals. As an American Heart Association distributor, their customer service extends the highest quality training, improving healthcare and saving lives. This has become especially important as the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the way clinical facilities train faculty members, and here are some of their affordable solutions to consider now.

WorldPoint’s Top Products During COVID-19

D.A.R.T. Sim ECG Simulator sales have been on the rise as well during COVID-19. These simulated patient monitor is perfect for mobile simulation learning opportunities with the ability to consider running simulation from a distance. With D.A.R.T. Sim, learners can practice capnography, defibrillation, 12 LEAD, synchronized cardioversion, X-rays, transcutaneous pacing, and much more right from their computer at a fraction of the cost of real defibrillator equipment. The DART program can be used with existing human patient simulator manikins and equipment for proper placement of pads, BP cuff, etc.

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The CAE Blue Phantom COVID-19 Live Lung Ultrasound Simulator is part of the company’s ultrasound line. This product replicates the acoustic properties of human tissue, allowing learners to develop and practice ultrasound imaging skills. Many of these skills are imperative to diagnosing key findings consistent with COVID19 cases.

To use, a learner will scan the inferior lung and use the ultrasound findings to determine if the simulated patient is healthy or experiencing results that can be critical to positive coronavirus cases. Ultrasound imaging skills that are critical to making this diagnosis include using the ultrasound system controls, positioning the transducer and navigating between intercostal space(s), applying PPE and recognizing COVID-19 lung anatomy in a risk-free environment.

Other important COVID-19-related features presented by the CAE Blue Phantom COVID-19 Live Lung Ultrasound Simulator are a lung sliding powered by an automated pump and an extremely realistic external landmark and the ultrasound anatomy of a lung. Users can optimize their training with superb image quality and simulated tissue that match the acoustic properties of real human tissue.

The virtual anatomy includes ribs, rib shadow, A lines, B lines, thickened and irregular pleural lining and consolidation. The chest wall, ribs, lung, and pleural lining are all anatomically correct. With patented technology and no special storage needed, the CAE Blue Phantom COVID-19 Live Lung Ultrasound Simulator is ideal for training healthcare learners in psychomotor skills associated with ultrasound, such as knobology training, didactic skills, and acquiring ultrasound images and sanitation guidelines to limit exposure.

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In addition to this ultrasound simulator, WorldPoint has noticed an increased need for COVID-19-related medical supplies during the pandemic. Medical supplies essential to the diagnosis and treatment of patients include Safetec Hand Sanitizer, Wallcur Disposable Layer Medical Masks, Zimzo Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometers, Safetec SaniZide Pro 1 Surface Disinfectant Spray, Laerdal Manikin Wipes, p.a.w.s. Individual Antimicrobial Wipes, Microflex Blaze Exam Gloves, and Microflex Long Cuff Nitrile Powder-Free Exam Gloves.

Along with these sanitization and PPE products, resuscitators and bag valve masks have been shown to be a priority among consumers. These products include the WNL Practi-MASK Infant Bag Valve Training Masks, Ambu Adult SPUR II Bag Reservoir with PEEP Valves, Ambu Bag SPUR II Infant Resuscitator with Infant Mask & Oxygen Reservoirs, and Ambu Infant SPUR II Tube Reservoir, Pop-off Valve, Neonate Masks.

The Laerdal The BAG II Adult Resuscitator with Mask is a disposable adult resuscitator with all of the outstanding features available in a reusable resuscitator. This product is effective for use when treating COVID-19 patients because the mask has a Swivel elbow that swivels a full 360 degrees, has an adjustable hook-and-loop handle, reinforced non-kink O2 tubing, a closed system oxygen reservoir and universal star-lumen oxygen tubing.

The Ambu Adult Oval Silicone Resuscitator with Patient Valve, O2 Reservoir and Transparent Silicone Face Mask is designed for manual ventilation. This mask is reusable, easy to clean and sterilize, low weight, ergonomic and designed to secure optimal user handling and reduce fatigue. The textured surface combined with a unique support strap ensures a comfortable and firm grip.

The Ambu Pediatric SPUR II Bag Reservoir with Mask is a child resuscitator with a medication port. The child resuscitator provides optimum stroke volumes with just one hand. The bag is thin and responsive, and the SafeGrip surface ensures a firm, steady grip. This uses a single-shutter valve system for reliable function, and has an integrated handle for user comfort. The medication port permits quick delivery without disconnecting SPUR II from an ET tube.

Additional WorldPoint Healthcare Simulation Products

WorldPoint offers additional product resources spanning from ECG simulators to vascular, auscultation, catheterization, women’s health, wound care and anatomy simulation tools. ECG simulators, like the Symbio 3-Lead ECG Simulator, offer safe, interactive defibrillator and external pacer training. Vascular skill trainers are produced by a number of vendors, such as VARA, Life/form, Laerdal, Pocket Nurse, Koken and more. They include intramuscular injection trainers, intraosseous trainers and IV trainers.

Auscultation tools encompass first aid and suturing skills, and are presented by products like Cardionics CardioSim VII and the Life/form Auscultation Trainer and SmartScope. Catheterization simulators include the Life/form male and female catheterization sets, Gaumard Advanced Patient Care male and female catheterization simulators, Life/form infant male and female catheterization trainer, and more.

Women’s health trainers include breast exam trainers, gynecological trainers and obstetric trainers. Wound care trainers involve first aid and suturing skills, as well as pressure and circulation wound skills. In terms of anatomy, products by 3B Scientific, Simulaids, VATA Seymour II, and Bioquest help to extend all the possibilities a learner may need for detailed demonstrations in human anatomy and other study subjects.

More About WorldPoint

WorldPoint was founded in 1996 on three hallmarks of service: same-day shipping, complete shipments and memorable customer service. Based on these hallmarks, the company’s new logo encompasses what WorldPoint is all about: helping educators deliver the highest quality training. Headquartered in Wheeling, Illinois, WorldPoint’s tagline, “At the heart of your training,” is meant to convey the company’s mission to be the place training centers go for AHA products and materials, industry information, and quality customer service.

The company is determined to connect educators with the AHA training materials and the supporting products they need, with the passionate, knowledgeable support they deserve. Dedicated to championing positive outcomes, WorldPoint believes quality training brings products, knowledge and customers together to improve patient outcomes and save lives.

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