October 22, 2020By Lance Baily

Upcoming Medical Simulation Webinars From HealthySimulation.com

Medical Simulation webinars from HealthySimulation.com continue to provide high quality learning opportunities to the global clinical simulation community. From the latest moulage techniques to understanding how to integrate virtual reality technologies to combat COVID-19 disruptions, each week new simulation in healthcare webinars are added for subscribers, who can also watch every previously recorded webinar for free. Check out the latest healthcare simulation experts presentations coming up next and subscribe now to join us!

Upcoming HealthySimulation.com Webinars (All Times Posted Are PDT, UTC-7)

TODAY 10/22 @ 10AM – Virtual Patients During COVID-19: Facing A New Clinical Learning Environment and Competency Assessment Methodology  (Maria Oliveira MSc, RN, BSc Clinical Education Advisor, Body Interact Inc): Body Interact is a dynamic virtual patient simulator with a physiological algorithm that enables users to observe and understand how their decisions have an impact on the patient’s health condition, in real-time. It is easy to use and very intuitive, offering a range of difficulty levels and complexity. Therefore, Body Interact serves different schools of healthcare professions – Medical, Nursing, EMS, High Schools. But how can you engage your students if they are locked at home? If the clinical rotations have been suspended? In this session, the Body Interact team will present ways to explore the virtual patient simulator with your students in class and remotely.

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10/27 @ 10AM – Modality of Clinical Simulation: Making It Matter (Jean Morzy MSN, RN CHSE Manager of Simulation Center Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin): The significant learning experience healthcare simulation can offer is nothing that needs to be explained to this audience. As the development plans for simulation-based learning experiences are created, taking time to understand how fidelity and modality will influence the learners’ experience is an important step not be over-looked. Additionally, consider how simulation bias may influence your learners’ experience as you prepare to facilitate an open, safe learning environment.

10/29 @ 10AM – Moulage Realism: Telling Patient Stories That Look, Feel, and Smell Like the Real Thing! (Bobbie Merica Author, SME CEO Moulage Concepts Inc.): Create Answers to Your Training Challenges: The addition of Moulage creates realistic training scenarios that mimic situational responses and are specialized in training outcomes. Realistic moulage creates a powerful story that engages participants and heightens the training scenario by providing the non-verbal story, that which must be seen, felt, heard, and even smelled. This presentation will enlighten clinical educators as to the benefits of using simulated moulage makeup to increase the level of realism in their patient presentations during medical simulation. Increased realism can help to provide for increased outcomes!

11/2 @ 10AM – Physiology Basics for Simulation Technicians: Cardiovascular System and Cardiac Rhythms (Kim Baily PhD, MSN, RN Simulation Educator Independent Consultant): This webinar is designed for healthcare simulation team members who have a limited background in physiology or for those who need a refresher course. Topics for this webinar include the anatomy and function of the cardiovascular system with an emphasis on understanding cardiac rhythms and basic dysrhythmias. Causes and treatments of abnormal rhythms will be identified. The physiology of two vital signs, blood pressure and heart rate, will be discussed in relation to their role in establishing current patient status.

11/16 @ 10AM – Evaluating Healthcare Simulation in the Days of COVID-19 and Beyond (Kim Leighton PhD, RN, CHSE, CHSOS, ANEF, FSSH, FAAN Executive Director, Itqan Clinical Simulation and Innovation Center Hamad Medical Corporation): Healthcare simulation education as we know it underwent dramatic changes during the COVID-19 pandemic as many simulationists were challenged to quickly move medical simulation activities entirely online, while others needed to create physically safe learning environments to prevent spread of the virus. Many simulationists ask “How do we evaluate simulation when it’s online? How do we evaluate in-person clinical simulation with all the restrictions we have? How do we know if the learners are actually learning? And, “Are there tools to evaluate online simulation?” This presentation will focus on evaluation of simulation outcomes during the time of COVID-19 and looking forward.

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11/16 @ 12PM – Objective Based Design & Narrative for Virtual Clinical Simulation: Pearls and Perils (Eric B. Bauman PhD, FSSH, RN Founder & Managing Member Clinical Playground LLC): This webinar will be presented by experts in simulation, distance education and virtual reality. The presenters will challenge learners conceptualization of what best-practices in virtual learning should look like in the context of the health professions simulation experience. The webinar will include a presentation focusing on contemporary pedagogy specific to digital educational solutions and proceed with a panel discussion by award winning distance learning and digital educational designers. Participants will be encouraged to engage the webinar presenters during a concluding question and answer session.

Recently Recorded Webinars Available to Subscribers Now

Innovation & Moulage: Affordable Solutions to Increase Clinical Simulation Realism: Effective moulage and adjuncts don’t always require expensive supplies and equipment. The presenter will share some examples of commonly-found items we have utilized to create engagement in our high fidelity simulations.

Using Clinical Simulation to Improve Medication Administration Safety: This webinar is designed to introduce nursing educators to the use of healthcare simulation in order to provide an immersive learning experience for undergraduate and registered nurses to improve medication administration skills.

Redefining Fidelity in Medical Simulation: Fidelity is a term that has been used in the medical simulation field to describe how “real” or lifelike a simulator or simulated experience is. This presentation will challenge conventional assumptions of fidelity, and present a holistic approach to…

Debriefing Psychologically Stressful Simulations: A Different Perspective: There is a large body of research demonstrating that simulation-based education (SBE) is an effective method to prepare students and providers for clinical practice. The use of SBE is a viable pedagogical approach to increase feelings of preparedness…

Safe and Reliable Patient Care: How the Patient Safety Movement Foundation Can Help: Despite dedicated efforts by healthcare professionals over the past 20 years, more than 200,000 people continue to die annually in the United States due to preventable medical error. Most organizations have implemented improvement in silos, and few have had time to consider the needs of patient safety at…

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