January 27, 2013By Lance Baily

IMSH 2013 is Open!

imsh 2013

Today the 2013 International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare kicked off the general conference sessions to over 3,000 participants from around the world. Dr. Vinary Nadkarni MD, Director of the Center for Simulation, Advanced Education and Innovation at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia provided the opening keynote address entitled “Resuscitating Resuscitation …. Embedding Simulation Research into Practice without getting ‘Lost in Translation’ “.

resuscitation simulation research

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During his presentation Dr. Nadkarni explained how his associated research group was able to increase hospital discharge rate for resuscitated patients from 20% to 49% utilizing several key factors including low dose high frequency rolling refresher CPR training sessions for nurses of high-risk patients.  His team’s yet-to-be-concluded research demonstrated that care of patients by 2 or more nurses who underwent this training increased resuscitation from 70% to 88%. As well, with high frequency training (2 or more times a month) this “just in time” training provided an increased retention rate for AHA compression and rate requirements from 17 to 70%!

Such simulation experiences have helped his department more than double patient resuscitation rates.  During his presentation the need for such increased simulation training was made abundantly clear when a gentlemen in the front row passed out unconscious!  Thank goodness there was more than one doctor in the house as the attendee was revived and taken away by emergency services.

IMSH 2013 continues into the night with Sim Wars, technology abstract demonstrations and the opening reception! Stay tuned by following @healthysim on twitter!

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