CSDS Celebate Healthcare Simulation Week 2020 with #SIMinars

Join CSDS September 14th-18th as they virtually celebrate Healthcare Simulation Week 2020 #SIMinars! Healthcare Simulation Week is a global event that celebrates healthcare professionals who use simulation to improve the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of healthcare delivery. The week also raises awareness in communities nationwide about how healthcare simulation is leading us to safer, more knowledgeable patient care. The team from the Clinical Skill Development Service, aka CSDS, in Brisbane Australia and representing the entire region of Queenslands has put together a schedule of daily lunchtime simulation webinars with the #SIMinars. Here we take a closer look at their activities and this innovative program!

About the CSDS

The Queensland Health Clinical Skills Development Service (CSDS) is the one of the world’s largest providers of healthcare simulation. We deliver education and training to Queensland Health staff and external healthcare providers at the Skills Development Centre and state-wide. We aim to achieve the best outcomes for patients, educators, and clinicians in Queensland through seven core functions. The Clinical Skills Development Service arose from a proposal by staff from Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) for a simulation centre.

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In 2008, a hub-and-spoke model of support was developed, with the SDC becoming the hub of a Clinical Skills Development Service (CSDS), supporting simulation providers throughout Queensland. This focused on providing systems and resources to support Pocket Simulation Centres, ensuring the imbedding of simulation close to or within clinical environments. In conjunction with its role of providing support to hospital-based skills centres, the growth of Pocket Simulation Centres provides clinicians with the tools and techniques to address local needs. These in situ programs now address local training requirements, just-in-time training, and even process redesign.

Recent HealthySimulation.com Webinar with Luke Wainwright From CSDS

Luke Wainwright, Acting Nursing Director for the CSDS, shared a recent presentation on HealthySimulation.com’s new webinar platform entitled “Size Does Matter: A Guide to Scalable and Sustainable Simulation Programs“.

In the presentation recording which is now available to subscribers, Luke provides an overview of CSDS’s journey and how it maintains its distributed simulation delivery model. The key points will provide an understanding of starting with end-user design in mind, the operational models necessary to deliver effective simulation to healthcare professionals, the management and coordination of equipment management — and all under the specific focus of building the foundation for a highly scalable and sustainable platform.

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Healthcare Simulation Week 2020 #HcSimWeek20 #SIMinars

Sessions will run 12-12:30pm, from Monday 14 September until Friday 18 September 2020. These are free events in the AEST time zone – see the full schedule below and please register here.

SIMinar 1: Responding to COVID-19

  • Monday, 14 September, 12-12:30pm
  • Presented by Luke Wainwright (Nurse Educator, CSDS).
  • The important role simulation played during the COVID- 19 pandemic. Covering the activity of CSDS and what was achieved during these trying times.

SIMinar 2: Pocket Spotlight – Using Translational Simulation

  • Tuesday, 15 September, 12-12:30pm
  • Presented by Dr Hansel Addae-Bosomprah (Staff Specialist, QEII), Dr Stephen Fahy (Staff Specialist ED, TPCH) and Kim Gourlay (Simulation Coordinator, Education Centre TPCH).
  • About: Two of the CSDS’ great Pocket Centres, QEII and The Prince Charles Hospital show us the Translational Simulations they have been working on and discuss their outcomes.

SIMinar 3: Faculty Webinar Series – The case for a problem first approach

  • Wednesday, 16 September, 12-12:30pm
  • Presented by Luke Wainwright (Nurse Educator, CSDS) and panel.
  • About: Healthcare is full of problems and it is easy to jump to conclusions about the best way to address them. These solutions often add additional unnecessary layers of complexity to the situation. This presentation will provide an overview of how and why ideation and problem identification will assist in providing more robust solutions.

SIMinar 4: Simulation-based Research

  • Thursday, 17 September 2020, 12-12:30pm
  • Presented by Dr Mia McLanders (Human Factors Research & Evaluation Lead, CSDS), Dr Chiara Santomauro, and Kirsty Beattie.
  • About: The CSDS research team and friends present a brief overview of the range of studies they’ve done using simulation to (a) improve training delivery and (b) test innovative solutions to complex clinical problems. Bring along your questions for the Q&A session at the end.

SIMinar 5: On the Couch with Kate – Developing Maternity Education

  • Friday, 18 September 2020, 12-12:30pm
  • Presented by Kate Britton (Delivery Support Manager, CSDS) and Sue Hampton (Midwifery Educator).
  • About: Kate sits down on the couch with Sue Hampton to discuss the birth of the new Maternity Education Program (MEP). The what’s, the where’s, the why’s get answered and coming up for the future of the program.

Also to be Shared: Additional Blog Articles and Resources

To accompany the CSDS daily #SIMinars during #HcSimWeek20 , the team will also be releasing a series of healthcare simulation blog articles. Every morning from Monday to Friday they will be will putting up a ‘Staff Spotlight’, introducing you to their talented crew and outlining what they get up to day to day. They will also be launching new courses and products, as well as tips and tricks videos. Stay tuned!

Celebrate #HcSimWeek20 with CSDS #SIMinars!

Today’s article was guest authored by Erin Wade, Marketing and Communications at Clincal Skills Development Service (CSDS).

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