July 22, 2020By Lance Baily

August SimGHOSTS Virtual Event Hosts Powerful Clinical Simulation Keynote Addresses

SimGHOSTS, the world’s only non-profit organization dedicated to supporting healthcare simulation technology specialists is about to launch their Global Experience 2020 Virtual conference event — and with a brand new website! Taking place online this August 4th-7th, this powerful learning opportunity is specifically designed to support healthcare professionals who utilize medical simulation technologies to improve education, training and patient safety outcomes all over the world. Here we take a closer look at the 3 keynote plenary addresses being hosted at the virtual online conference, which cover developing a clinical simulation program, focusing operational efforts for maximum ROI, and developing the new profession of Simulation Technicians. Having hosted 20 international conferences over the past 10 years, SimGHOSTS has developed an amazing attendee opportunity with powerful sessions from leading experts all over the world!

A 9-Dot Problem Solution to Creating, Sustaining, & Growing a Clinical Simulation Program
Presented by Jeanne Carey, Christie Singbusch & Beverly Price

Building a simulation program and amassing the right people to run it are challenging tasks and the many inherent variables make it difficult to define one strategy for tackling this project.
At LHSON Simulation, we gathered our team members and grew our program through a thoughtful approach that focused on traits and duties rather than titles and roles. Every simulation program, regardless of its physical size or scope of activities, has certain jobs that need to be completed and roles that need to be performed. However, how these responsibilities are apportioned and to whom, does not need to abide by some pre-determined title or job description.

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We found it helpful to consider three lines of service essential to running a successful simulation center: administration, operations, and education/training. These lines do not run parallel to one another; rather, they intersect at multiple points, as each goes about fulfilling necessary duties and responsibilities. Some of the work performed under administration centers upon management, policy creation & execution, oversight, and foresight. Within operations there is a focus on the technical & mechanical aspects of simulation, as well as logistics. Finally, the education/training line is concerned with those functions that directly impact the participants in simulation.

About the Plenary’s Primary Presenter: Jeanne Carey Jeanne is the director of simulation at Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing (LHSON) in Dallas, TX and has been involved in simulation-based education (SBE) for nine years. She is a certified simulation educator (CHSE) with experience in all aspects of simulation, including the development & implementation of new SBE activities, training of simulation facilitators, and recruitment & management of standardized patients (SP). Jeanne and the LHSON Sim Team created the Two-Heads-Are-Better-Than-One (2HeadsR>1TM) strategy for role assignment in simulation.

You Can Simulate Anything in Healthcare, But Shouldn’t
Presented By Dr Scott Crawford

Simulation is one of the most powerful tools available in medical education. We have numerous studies showing the benefit and efficacy of simulation as a way to improve learning, procedural skill, and patient safety. Even with all of the potential benefits of simulation, the hardest lesson in simulation is learning when not to use it, or identifying how to change your approach to improve learning and the take home message. Standards have been written and publications look better with positive results, but not all educational approaches in simulation have been successful. This presentation will outline best-practices fro simulation and discuss when you might encounter problems in the implementation or takeaway from simulation and how to address these potential problems.

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About the Plenary’s Primary Presenter: Dr Scott Crawford MD, FACEP, CHSOS Dr. Scott Crawford is Director of the Training and Educational Center for Healthcare Simulation (TECHS) at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) El Paso. He is Associate Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine at TTUHSC El Paso. He has presented both in the US and internationally on topics related to audio/video design, information technology, and simulation operations. He has served as a reviewer and author for standards of best practice and conference presentation topics related to simulation and technology education. He is also Editor of the textbook Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Operations, Technology, and Innovative Practice.

Vocational Pioneers: Building the Future in Emerging Occupations
Presented By Matthew Wells

The story of humankind is one of journeying into new frontiers. Age after age, people have adapted to changing environmental conditions and new discoveries, progressing onward in pursuit of meaning and purpose. For most of us, our vocational identity is an evolving concept as we discover new insights about ourselves and the needs and opportunities of the world around us. In emerging fields, this process not only has significance for us, but those whose career paths will be shaped for years to come by the early pioneers that blaze the trail as the field grows and develops. Today we’ll discuss how to “keep the faith” as pioneers in emerging fields – how to educate, advocate, lobby, and advance at both the individual and profession level, to become torchbearers for a body of knowledge and practice that will create value in the lives of future professionals for years to come.

About the Plenary’s Primary Presenter: Matt Wells, MA, LMHCA, NCC, is a seasoned educator and career development professional with over a decade of experience developing programs and partnerships focused on career success. Throughout his career, Matt has individually coached thousands of individuals and given hundreds of presentations to diverse audiences in education and private industry on a range of topics, including professional identity & communication, personal branding, recruiting & talent management, and interpersonal effectiveness. By day, Matt serves as the Executive Director of External Engagement & Partnerships at Purdue University Northwest, and serves on the Board of Directors for Junior Achievement of Chicago-NWI and the NWI Food Council, in addition to his consulting & speaking engagements through Wellspring Training & Consulting in Valparaiso, IN. Matt’s work has garnered various recognitions in recent years, including awards from AACSB International (Winner, Innovations that Inspire, 2018), the Mid-American Business Deans Association (1st Place, Innovations in Business Education, 2017), and Career Development Professionals of Indiana, Inc. (Career Services Innovation Award, 2018). Matt has also been named as one of the NWI Times “20 Under 40 in Business” in 2018. Matt holds a master’s degree in counseling and graduate certificate in management from Valparaiso University, and is a licensed and board-certified (NBCC) counselor in the State of Indiana. Fun fact: Matt was a professional opera singer before making a transition into career development.

At only $300 for registration ($250 for active subscribers), participants will gain access to almost 60 live and recorded sessions during the 4 day online event, and for 6 months following the conference! The SimGHOSTS Global Experience is an active event program designed for each participant to be able to tailer their own experience through the event app. Presentations, workshops, and demonstrations can be experience live or on-demand and enhanced with a rich ongoing discussion throughout the session.

Learn, Link, Lead represents three essential qualities demonstrated by those who are driven to use simulation technology to improve quality and safety in healthcare and is the overarching theme for SG20USA. Each of the three elements has multiple applications to healthcare simulation technology and the roles of those working in the field and these will be explored throughout the conference program.

Additional SimGHOSTS 2020 Virtual Event Presentations Include:

  • Mass Casualty Exercises: Victim Planning and Prep (Shablak & Belk)
  • You Want The Manikin Where? Establishing and Operating an In Situ Simulation Program (Steiber & Fisher)
  • Low Cost CCTV System for Healthcare Simulation Recording and Debriefing (Bhimsan)
  • Teaching Medication Administration: Adapting to the New Normal (Gabriel & Holthaus of Sim2GROW)
  • Beyond the Simulation Lab: Designing Immersive Virtual Reality Simulations (D’Errico)
  • Rebuilding and Sustaining an Organizational Foundation to Support Simulation in Academia (Eaton)
  • Escape Room Development from the Operations Perspective (Strambo & Mays)
  • Integrating SPs into Simulation: Safety Considerations During COVID19 (Higbee)
  • Moulage Crash Course: Tips and Tricks (Belk)
  • A Checklist Approach to Simulation Problem Solving: Anticipate, Act, Amend (Follmer, Lowther):
  • Effective Strategies to Repair, Maintain and Update Simulation Technology (Follmer)
  • Blueprint for Success: Building Procedural Skills Events Using Standardized Setup Templates (Phillips & Lincoln)
  • Demystifying Grants: Follow These Five Steps to Fund your Simulation Program ((Gabriel & Holthaus)
  • Intelligent Simulation: Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Simulation Education (Roye, Hinojosa, White)
  • Effective Troubleshooting for Physicians and Healthcare Professionals (Whyte)
  • Using the Revised INACSL Standards of Best Practice: Simulation (Mays)
  • From Start to Finish, the Multi Patient Event (Hoenig & Haywood of Nasco Healthcare)
  • Novice to Expert: A Competency-Based Orientation for Novice Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists (Hollingsworth, Ockimey, Ford & Gonzalez)
  • And Many more!

SimGHOSTS President Ferooz Sekandarpoor says about the 2020 virtual event that the “SimGHOSTS organizational vision is to empower the global community by providing them with the opportunities to connect with their like-minded healthcare simulation specialists and simulation industry partners under one virtual roof, so that we can all mutually learn and share best practices in healthcare, simulation, technology and professional career development. We look forward to seeing you online in August!

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