November 14, 2012By Lance Baily

Laerdal Releases Phoenix Sun Video & Presentations

Laerdal SUN Phoenix 2012

This week Laerdal released some video content and presentation files from their Phoenix SUN 2012 event which took place in early October.  Below is the opening session to the event which blends video storytelling with an on stage simulation experience.  A lot of scenario dynamics are demonstrated in the video below.  I’m glad to see that industry vendors like Laerdal are continuing to promote online content from learning events!

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The  real opportunity here is to visit Laerdal’s Phoenix SUN 2012 Recap Page and download presentations about topics that interest you:

  • SimMan Programming for Beginners
  • VitalSim Workshop
  • Simulator Maintenance Workshop
  • Teaching with Scenarios Workshop
  • Capturing Simulations for better debriefings
  • Top Tips, Tricks and Media for Advanced Users
  • Excercises in Blended Learning
  • Using Data to Help ROI
  • Research and Grant Writing
  • Integrating Simulation into Nursing Curriculum
  • Improving Care for Pediatric Patients
  • Simulation with the Preprogrammed Nursing Scenarios
Kristy Chambers presentation Improving Patient Safety in Hospitals” also provides a download link for two free scenarios covering chest pain, so be sure to visit the Laerdal’s Phoenix SUN 2012 Recap Page today.  You can also submit an abstract for next year’s SUN taking place in Indianapolis, and check out the Laerdal SUN event archives for more free content.

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