October 15, 2012By Lance Baily

Right Now -> Free Virtual Conference Participation for HealthySimAdmin Morning Session "Collaborative Simulation Program Development"

Medical Simulation Administration

Right Now you and your colleagues are invited to watch the HealthySimAdmin opening session “Collaborative Simulation Program Development (Across Institutions and/or Disciplines)” live from your office desktop!

Imagine splitting the cost of a brand new simulation center and operational program in thirds, while simultaneously increasing access to equipment, space and staff support. Now also consider the benefits of partnering with other healthcare professional disciplines to further breakdown the traditional training silos through your simulation program to improve learning outcomes.

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Stream live and ask questions from your office as Dean Carolyn Yucha RN, PhD, FAAN from UNLV’s Nursing and Allied Health Programs will launch the HealthySimAdmin discussion into how to develop a multidisciplinary multi-institutional collaborative simulation center. Dean Yucha spent three years leading the development of the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas, which supports the clinical education of three distinct institutions across a multitude of disciplines.

Afterwords gain insights from our dynamic panel of medical simulation administrators as they discuss their successes and answer your specific sim lab program questions via live-stream and chatroom! Topics covered during this free live-streaming session will include:

  • Stakeholder identification and board/committee needs
  • Types of umbrella administrative structures
  • Architectural design considerations
  • Financial reimbursement systems
  • Building and program support services
  • Legal requirements
  • Ongoing collaborative issues and much more…

No need to sign-up, simply visit HealthySimAdmin.com this Thursday morning at 8:10AM PST (GMT-8) to join countless other simulation champions watching and getting their questions answered during this free portion of the HealthySimAdmin live-stream event!

Want to attend the full online meeting? It’s not too late!

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There is still time to register and participate online with the complete 2-day HealthySimAdmin broadcasted event to gain additional administrative solutions for topics including sim lab: funding sources & models, faculty/educator buy-in, research coordination, daily operations, IT issues & support, increasing utilization and business development!

Top Ten Reasons to Register & Stream HealthySimAdmin Online:

10 ) Save big on costly travel & lodging fees by participating online.
9 ) Expand your knowledge by learning from a diverse group of sim admins.
8 ) Gain access to shared resources.
7 ) Get your specific questions answered with the most up-to-date industry information.
6 ) Learn with your new professional community.
5 ) Participate from anywhere in the world.
4 ) Affordable registration price.
3 ) Unlimited room seating per online registration.
2 ) Watch what you want, when you want by downloading the entire event!
1 ) Maximize your time with medical simulation management specific content.

Learn more about this new innovative discussion to find administrative solutions for the “how to” of medical simulation by visiting HealthySimAdmin.com today!

“I highly recommend HealthySimAdmin and encourage other centers to take advantage of this experience.”

-Carolyn Scheese, RN, MS
Director of Simulation Operations
University of Utah, College of Nursing

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