October 12, 2012By Lance Baily

Foam Adds Professionalism to Crash Carts

Medical Simulation Crash Cart Foam

Consider the additional benefit of customized foam layouts for your medical simulation lab crash carts!  Instead of having a messy drawer which has items in different locations every time you pull out the tray, everything will remain in clearly labled sectioned off areas for easy use and easier cleanup!

Healthcare Logistics can even create customized foam templates specific to your exact tray needs:

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Custom Cut Foam

  • Protects expensive and/or fragile items from possible breakage.
  • Customize transport boxes, trays, drawers and more.
  • It has never been easier – simply send us your layout and we’ll cut the foam to your specifications.
  • Different die shapes available:
    • triangles for ampules
    • circles for vials
    • squares and rectangles for boxes
    • other “Special Shapes”*
  • Make custom kits for laryngoscopes and blades, compounded lollipops, IV accessories and many other supplies that need packaged with organization, protection and easy identification.

You can even add overlays with printed labels already in place, visit Health Care Logistics to learn more! Having foam in your carts helps increase the quality of learning by allowing participants to spend less time digging around for equipment and more time using it!

Thanks to Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist Jonathan Sturak from the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas who shared this great resource for your simulation program!

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