October 8, 2012By Lance Baily

EMS World Moulage Wound of the Month – Bullet Entry

Bobbie Merica from MoulageConcepts.com has another great moulage recipe for your medical simulations!  And just in time for Halloween too! This “close entry bullet wound” moulage recipe is easy to follow and only needs latex, modeling wax, red make-up wheel, burgundy make-up wheel, black make-up wheel, caramel coloring thinned, and blood gel.

In the EMSWorld article, Bobbie even covers some tips on setting up the patient scene:

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“Dress the victim in a pretreated bullet entry shirt. Use scissors to cut a small hole in the abdominal area of a light colored shirt, above the belt line. Using a large paint brush dipped in fresh moulage blood, liberally apply blood mixture to the front, side and abdominal area of the shirt. Create gunshot residue around the entry hole by applying a small amount of soot powder with a paint brush. Using a make-up sponge, apply white makeup to the face of victim, blending well. Create beads of sweat on the skin by applying a light mist of premade sweat mixture to the forehead, chin and upper lip of patient. Position the victim flat on his or her back. Using congealed blood mixture, create a small pool under the back and side of the patient, near the wound site. (In areas with stain risks, create a hard barrier by applying wax paper to ground surface prior to applying congealed blood.) Apply fresh bruising, superficial abrasions, bloody noses and bruised knuckles on several “friends” of the victim to create a fight scene.”

Click the links above to read the full recipe!

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