September 27, 2012By Lance Baily

Healthcare IT News: Consumers Embrace Technology Faster Than Doctors

Erin McCann, Associate Editor for Healthcare IT News wrote an interesting post entitled “Consumers embrace health IT, docs lag behind” demonstrating statistical support from an Optum Institute and Harris Interactive national survey to show that consumers are faster to utilize healthcare technology than doctors. Erin points out that Thursday’s Optum Institute and Harris Interactive national survey of 4,270 physicians, consumers and hospitals execs that:

“Among the findings… only 40 percent of physicians say they have the capability to engage with patients via email or provide patients with access to their health records.

Findings also suggest that consumers are ready to use technology-enabled features today, as three out of four consumers say they are willing to go online to access their medical records, and more than 60 percent want to communicate with their doctors via email or the Internet.”

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Read all of Erin’s post here which is on Healthcare IT News, a site that offers healthcare IT executives timely, pertinent news every month. Jesse H. Neal Award Winning coverage includes new technologies, IT strategies and tactics, statutory and regulatory issues, as well as provider and vendor updates. Published in partnership with HIMSS, Healthcare IT News is the industry’s only newspaper, reaching more than 54,000 subscribers, including IT management, C-suite and general management, and clinical executives at hospitals and IDNs, group practices, ambulatory care facilities, home healthcare organizations, as well as healthcare payers, consultants and vendors.

Have you experience “doctor lag” with regards to the utilization of medical simulation equipment?  Tell us about how you worked through it, or around it, in the comments below.

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