June 2, 2020By Lance Baily

The Next Generation Simulation Program Management Solutions from Health Scholars

Designing, overseeing, and managing a learning management system with features unique to the specific needs of Healthcare Simulation is no easy task. That is why we here at HealthySimulation.com have always been impressed by the Simulation Management solutions from Health Scholars.  Their custom built Clinical Simulation Management solutions addresses the full breadth of medical simulation scenario design, management, assessment and reporting across any sized healthcare network. In this review, we take a closer look at the latest features of Health Scholars’ cloud-based powerful simulation program management tool, designed from the ground up from a former simulation center director!

Health Scholars One blended learning platform improves the efficiency and effectiveness of enabling confident care and improved outcomes. These modules streamlines the process of scheduling, running, and analyzing the effectiveness of simulation training. With so very few options available on the market, certainly this is one of the core systems to investigate when considering innovative ways to manage a simulation in healthcare program, from nursing simulation to surgical simulation and beyond!

Intuitively designed by former simulation directors, the simulation management module affords highly efficient scenario design and deployment; powerful learner and center management tools; and robust reporting capabilities. The mobile video debriefing system enables video supported center based and in situ training, elevating debriefing to a new level. Clearly, the functionality listed below goes way beyond the scope of just a scheduling system, or just a learning management system, or just an a/v recording debriefing system  — into a fully armed and operational management system covering the entire needs of a simulation program.

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From designing and running scenarios to enabling robust workflow management, the Health Scholars simulation management module addresses the full breadth of healthcare training needs – all in one place. Being cloud-based, IT friendly and securely accessible from anywhere on any device with internet connectivity makes for a simple learning curve and easy faculty adoption.

Administrators can enable educators to work individually or collaboratively on scenario development, even while away from the sim labs. By intelligently scheduling and managing resources, simulation program administrators can automate tracking to quickly build graphical reports showcasing impacts, utilizations, and areas for improvement.

The system organically disseminates best practices and enables cross disciplinary collaboration, even across geographic distances. The module improves efficiency by automatically tracking administrative metrics in the background saving hours of work without any manual effort. The ability to streamline the process of measuring the effective training on clinical practice results in improved effectiveness.

For administrators starting from scratch, growing into a new space, adding new departments or expanding business services, these management solutions go a long way for not only providing the tools you’ll need to have your program succeed, but the road map of how to find ways of maximizing ROI as quickly as possible. The headaches managers will prevent with the features listed below — are countless.

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Core Health Scholars Simulation Management Features

Manage Users:

    • Permission-based system contains multiple user roles with customizable privileges
    • Self-registration links
    • Bulk import and LDAP/Active directory capabilities

Access Rich Media:

    • Eliminate internet searches and the need to anonymize existing clinical media with access to hundreds of scenario assets
    • Includes radiographs, real-motion ultrasounds, ECGs, educational diagrams.
    • Library grows daily as simulation champions contribute content

Measure Impact:

    • Robust learner portfolios, clinical vulnerability analysis, impact analysis and ROI
    • Real-time graphical reporting to measure training impact
    • Individual ACGME milestone tracking across disparate curricula and scenarios
    • Academically robust performance assessment module includes weighted questions, checklists, time evaluation, free text narratives and customizable Likert scales
    • Ability to integrate with Active Directory and SIMstation for A/V capture and Active Directory

Clinical Event Debriefs:

    • Facilitate and automate clinical event debrief best practices to prevent accidents before they happen
    • Customize debrief forms to guide facilitator and capture helpful team information
    • Map questions to overarching customized teamwork domains
    • Customize and map questions to overarching teamwork domains

Design Scenarios:

    • Streamlined scenario design interface with expansive media library
    • Scenario library with ready-to-use, crowd-sourced scenarios with standardized best practices
    • Create custom scenarios using templated assets and media libraries
    • Build OSCEs
    • Serve all media and labs to any screen-based device or monitor during live sessions

Schedule and Manage Resources:

    • View and coordinate multiple sessions across multiple center locations
    • Request staff availability and intelligently schedule session based on staff and resource needs
    • Automatically evaluate for double bookings
    • Integrate with personal calendar programs such as Outlook, iCal, Google

Run Sessions:

    • Dynamically serve scenario content and media
    • Simultaneously view video, waveform displays, trend charts, event logs, annotations, checklists

I.D. Systems Issues

    • Identify and solve issues related to system process such as conflicting protocols or equipment issues

More About Health Scholars

Health Scholars was founded by healthcare professionals who recognized the need to advance immersive education and clinical training effectiveness. Established in 2017, their mission is to advance healthcare simulation through virtualization, making experience-based training scaleable, accessible and affordable to both public health and safety professionals. Most recently, Health Scholars gave away $1M in desktop ACLS training to 14,000 educators in need!

Health Scholars is a cloud-based, VR-ready training platform with VR Simulations, Simulation Management, and Readiness Reporting solutions for the management, delivery and analysis of clinical training. Their VR simulations extend physical simulation beyond the simulation center, enabling repeatable practice of proper workflows as well as critical soft skills like communications, situational awareness and critical thinking.

Health Scholars is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and has clinical and support operations embedded in the world-class Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center on the OSF Campus in Peoria, Illinois.

Visit the Health Scholars Website Today to Learn More!

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