April 28, 2020By Lance Baily

Additional Medical Simulation Companies Launch COVID-19 Clinical Training Tools

Here we cover three quick stories about medical simulation companies which have launched specialized products and services to combat COVID-19. Coronavirus Simulation is a crucial component in educating and training frontline emergency services and healthcare workers in the fight against this global pandemic. Let’s take a look at specialized surgical tech simulated training, distance learning through online standardized patients, and new virtual patient training tools from these companies!

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Conquer Experience Launches Coronavirus Surgical Tech Training Program

In response to current educational conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic, Conquer Experience is proud to announce their latest surgical technology PeriopSim remote learning program. Conquer Experience is a digital simulation company focused on providing an experiential learning platform for the healthcare industry where experience is in short supply.

PeriopSim is an award-winning surgical training and assessment platform for clinical educators in hospitals and schools who need to train the OR team but require a patient-safe way to rehearse procedures before they walk into an unfamiliar situation. Using authentic procedural footage and gamified learning techniques, the platform features over 35 simulated experiences that run 6 times faster than real life so students can develop more experience, faster.

To date, PeriopSim has provided over 20,000 simulated experiences for some of the best teaching hospitals and schools including Common Spirit’s Creighton University Medical Center, George Washington University Hospital, MacEwan University, Contra Costa Medical Career College, University Hospitals in Cleveland and Johns Hopkins Sibley. Currently, PeriopSim is available through the iPad and Virtual Reality platforms using the HP Reverb and HTC Vive with plans to expand to Android tablets and desktop PC and Mac versions later this month.

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“PeriopSim is a bridge between the classroom and the real world. It’s an off-the-shelf way for educators to put cutting edge tech simulation into learners’ hands quickly and can be done anywhere with an internet connection. There are over 8000 surgical technology students that need clinical experience but can’t receive it because of the current situation with COVID-19. PeriopSim™️ uses gamified microlearning techniques to help them stay on top of the latest health care procedures while they wait to get back into clinicals.” – Angela Robert, CEO and Co-Founder, Conquer Experience.

Learn more on the Conquer Experience Website!

Free Online COVID-19 Training Medical Simulation Game From Virtual Medical School

VirtualMedSchool and IJsfontein are providing a free online COVID-19 ABCDE training, based on medical simulation. In an attempt to provide a positive contribution to the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, this company initiated to create a COVID-19 level,  based on the existing serious game / medical simulator AbcdeSIM.

This level of AbcdeSIM has been developed specifically for the training of COVID-19 assessment, using the ABCDE protocol. The patient interaction and specific protocol, as well as the physiological behavior of the patient, has been updated to support the effective assessment of a COVID-19 patient.

At the core of abcdeSIM runs a validated mathematical model which is the result of years of extensive research and close collaboration between the department of Technical Medicine at the University of Twente and the Erasmus University Medical Center. The model enables abcdeSIM to accurately mimic medical conditions and automatically respond to clinical interventions. This mathematical model consists of coupled cardiovascular, respiratory and pharmacological systems. While containing more than 200 parameters and dozens of differential equations, the model runs real-time in the browser of any desktop computer. Learn more on the Virtual Med School COVID19 Webpage!

Standardized Patient Company Savvy Civility Stands Ready to Support Your Distance Learning Needs

A diverse pool of 100+ seasoned Standardized Patients (SPs) are working telemedicine OSCEs during COVID-19.

When Caroline Sposto started her niche staffing agency in 2018, her aim was to make Standardized Patients available to programs that wanted to run clinical simulations with actors, but weren’t set up to administer SPs internally. Her remote staffing model involved setting up pools of qualified actors who lived near the schools and then scheduling, deploying, and paying them remotely.

Her model was so efficient, effective, and affordable that work got around quickly as PA, DNP, FNP, and Pharmacy programs across the U.S. came onboard. “Being nimble, and with a low overhead, enables the universities to spend less, while the actors to earn more than they would through an in-house program,” she explains.

What Sposto didn’t foresee was COVID-19, or that her business was poised to offer distance learning support. “I currently have about 100 actors of all types, across the U.S. that I interviewed and auditioned remotely, “ she says. “Every actor who works on my team has to be not only a solid SP, but also tech savvy because they self schedule online, get their cases via email, check in onsite and get paid through an app.”

Sposto explains that her remote SP staffing model has expanded the pool of actors available at every school who is moving to a telemedicine model since they are all now location independent. “That change,” she says. “Makes highly realistic casting easy.” Learn more on the Savvy Civility Website!

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