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Latest Simulation Technician Resources & 2020 Opportunities from SimGHOSTS

SimGHOSTS, the world’s only non-profit organization dedicated to supporting healthcare simulation technology specialists, or Sim Techs for short, has been sharing an incredible amount of awesome articles, resources, and learning opportunities for 2020 including the August Baylor University Dallas Symposium. From expert advice on understanding the core concepts behind running ventilation from a tech’s perspective, to this years Pocket Nurse Scholarship, 2020 early-bird registration opportunities, career development advice and more — here is all the latest Simulation Technician support from SimGHOSTS!

Latest Healthcare Simulation Technology Articles

SimGHOSTS Capability Framework – Healthcare Simulation Technology and Operations Roles Defined: Kirrian Steer, SimGHOSTS Executive Director writes about this massive community research project designed to provide key insights into professional community standards for operating simulation technology specialists.

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The Capability Framework for Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists has been developed in response to the demand for greater definition around simulation technology and operations roles. It can be used by simulation industry professionals and employers for activities such as career planning, learning and development, workforce planning, recruitment and selection, performance management, mentoring and coaching.

The framework has been developed by industry experts who collected and analyzed hundreds of position descriptions from around the world. It defines three employment levels; foundation, intermediate and senior, and defines core competencies within each of the 8 SimGHOSTS Domains of Practice for people working in healthcare simulation technology roles. These levels and competencies provide the framework, the role is then further defined or customized by considering the individual context of the simulation facility, program and team.

Simulation Operations COVID-19 Considerations – This is Not a Simulation: SimGHOSTS Board Member, Scott Crawford MD, FACEP, CHSOS, covers all the key “need to know” technical considerations for running Coronavirus Simulation experiences for healthcare professionals. From a quick review of the virus, workplace safety tips, instructional guides, remote learning technologies, to working now with standardized patients and virtual reality options — Scott covers it all here!

Considerations for Implementing or Increasing Moulage in Your Simulation Program: SimGHOSTS Board Member, Billie Paschal, covers here the need to consider moulage as a key component of any medical simulation program. She writes how “Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists see examples of moulage through articles, exciting posts on social media, and during conference workshops focused on moulage. There is a definite passion for moulage and sometimes a correlation with years of experience in simulation and a theatrical background. Seeing examples of how others use moulage we begin to wonder: Should our program be doing this too?”. If you are the Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist in a center that currently does not moulage but you are interested in advocating for its use in your simulations Billie is hopeful this blog has offered you things to ponder when considering moulage.

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Taking a Leap, Making a “Later in Life” Career Change: Matt Stieber, Simulation Operations Specialist fromMirro Center for Research and Innovation, at Parkview Health shared this article on his journey into becoming a Sim Tech sharing “One of the scariest things I’ve done in my life was changing my career at 50 years of age. It also turned out to be one of the single best things I’ve ever done. Not just for myself, but for those who care for me. I found work that I don’t consider work. I’ve found not only a new career, but a new passion. I’ve found a community of people from around the world who feel the same as I do. As a friend calls it, her ‘sim tribe.’”

Declutter Your Simulation Center – Doing More with Less: Here, Dr. Crawford explores how clinical simulation spaces are one of the most unique work environments anyone will ever encounter and can very easily become some of the most cluttered. A mixture of manikins, task trainers, hospital equipment, medical supplies, medications, arts and crafts tools, chemicals, audio and video cables, makeup, wigs, computers, and specialized technology devices are just a few of the items in your average simulation space. Research on the subject shows that individuals function more slowly in cluttered environments.

The environment where people work also plays an important role in their overall job satisfaction. As increasing attention is focused on employee retention and burnout, this may be an important area of consideration. Although environment is more than just the size and organization of a storage room (coworker interactions, parking, feeling valued, good leadership, etc.), tidying a workspace is one aspect of their environment in which individual employees can enact change and feel empowered. Decluttering your simulation center may just lead to a more positive and enjoyable work-life experience.

Additional Articles of Note:

And finally.. if you are looking for more great Sim Tech centric content, check out their 10 Most Read SimGHOSTS Articles of 2019 recap! Of course, you can also post and find careers opportunities in the SimGHOSTS Career Center, enroll in future webinars, gain immediate access to their online courses, and connect with other techs from around the world!

SimGHOSTS 2020 Begins Taking Early-Bird Registrations

Learn, Link, Lead represents three essential qualities demonstrated by those who are driven to use simulation technology to improve quality and safety in healthcare and is the overarching theme for SG20USA. Each of the three elements has multiple applications to healthcare simulation technology and the roles of those working in the field and these will be explored throughout the conference program.

SimGHOSTS events are packed with hands-on learning experiences, the latest in healthcare simulation technology, and a community of dedicated professionals who love what they do. Don’t just take our word for it though, look what some of our past event attendees have had to say:

  • “SimGHOSTS is a great conference and an amazing community to be part of.”
  • “The best thing that happened at my first SimGHOSTS conference is learning that there are other people doing this same weird job that I’m doing.”
  • “For all the sessions I attended, I pulled a ton of info out of them and plan on using them when I get back to work. Thank you for putting such a great selection of course(s).”

If you work with healthcare simulation technology you need to be at SimGHOSTS 2020 USA event in Dallas, TX this August 4th-7th. SG20USA is the place to:

  • Receive specialized training in the design, selection and application of healthcare simulation technologies
  • Be inspired by leaders in healthcare simulation technology
  • Meet industry professionals and trial new product
  • Interact and exchange ideas with peers and expand your professional network

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