April 14, 2020By Lance Baily

The Point of Care Ultrasound Atlas Provides Free Ultrasound Simulation Resources

Ultrasound Simulation images that exactly fit your healthcare simulation scenario used to be tricky, that was until we learned about The Point of Care Ultrasound Atlas! The POCUS Atlas was designed by a team of passionate Ultrasound Physicians and healthcare providers to help educators find the exactly right images for their medical simulation scenario or other teaching opportunities. This website demands a bookmark for all clinical simulation professionals using Ultrasound Simulators in their learning programs, perfect for both human patient simulator manikins or standardized patient engagemetns!

The Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Atlas is collaborative education platform where healthcare professionals can create, share, and curate free ultrasound education material. Their goal is to improve the way POCUS is taught on a global scale! The POCUS Image Atlas is a collection of rare, exemplary, and perfectly captured ultrasound images intended to be used as educational material. The infographics of The Evidence Atlas showcase the data powering the POCUS movement. All of their content is free, open access, and peer-reviewed available to be shared and used for global ultrasound education.

The Evidence Atlas takes the Image Atlas one step further, providing the team’s “best evidence” systematic reviews and a few key papers. The team’s objective here is to provide healthcare educators and ultrasound professionals with the evidence behind the most commonly utilized and accepted POCUS applications. Here, they also provides high-quality infographics showcasing the test characteristics (sensitivity, specificity, positive & negative likelihood ratios) for each core POCUS indication. This resource should be a starting point to study the literature, which they encourage you to read and critically appraise for yourself.

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Find Ultrasound Images For These Organ Systems (or Search for More):

  • Aorta
  • Echocardiography
  • GI
  • Hepatobiliary
  • MSK + Procedures
  • OB-GYN
  • Ocular
  • Pediatrics
  • Pulmonary
  • Renal/GU
  • Trauma
  • Soft Tissue
  • Vascular

New COVID-19 Ultrasound Image Resource Page

This new POCUS Atlas page is dedicated to educating and training healthcare professionals for Ultrasound Sonography related to COVID-19. The data on lung ultrasound in COVID-19 is limited but continues to evolve. There is already evidence on the use of chest CT in the diagnosis of COVID-19 which is what has driven many providers to turn to ultrasound as an alternative imaging option. Recent studies suggests that lung ultrasound provides similar results compared to chest CT findings in COVID-19 and is superior to standard chest radiograph.

Two recent publications (Peng et al and Huang et al) shared on The POCUS Atlas have characterized important lung ultrasound findings in patients with COVID-19, and review of these two publications is highly recommended if you plan on incorporating bedside ultrasound into your clinical management of suspected COVID-19 patients. Characteristic ultrasound findings compared to CT are described in the provided table.

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Dr. Yale Tung Chen is an Emergency Medicine physician who serves as the Director of the Ultrasound Division at Hospital Universitario La Paz in Madrid, Spain, is currently living with an active COVID-19 infection. He has graciously allowed The POCUS Atlas to share his #mycoviddiary on the website to help educate and provide a perspective on symptoms in comparison to lung ultrasound findings. Also here, Denver Health and The POCUS Atlas have teamed up to create a COVID-19 Ultrasound protocol and shared numerous other Coronavirus Ultrasound Images for your educational use!

Blog, Conversion Tools and The POCUS Atlas App Also Available!

Shared on The POCUS Atlas blog which is regularly updated, the team also shares other helpful resources for those using Ultrasound Simulation in their clinical learning experiences, like video conversion tools for animating Ultrasound image .gif files, Ultrasound Jeopardy, educational infographics, tools and more!

Also brought to you by The POCUS Atlas, The Evidence Atlas app provides a visual summary of the evidence behind the most commonly utilized and accepted point-of-care (POCUS) applications. Ideal for both learners and educators, the app serves as a quick reference regarding the utility of POCUS findings in relation to a gold standard test. POCUS test characteristics are provided in both sensitivity/specificity and likelihood ratio format.

The app also includes exemplary ultrasound clips of pathology with respect to each POCUS application. Users who want to learn more can access the mobile-friendly version of The POCUS Atlas directly through in-app links.

Learn More on The POCUS Atlas Website Today!

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