April 3, 2020By Lance Baily

COVID-19 Crisis Course for Educators: Rapid Transition to Online Learning From AALAS

COVID-19 has caused massive disruptions to healthcare educators around the world in available discipline imaginable. Many healthcare simulation champions in the college, university, or other educational institutions have immediate needs to transition their courses online. Thanks to the Academy of Active Learning Arts and Sciences, you can now immediately gain access to the emergency course “Rapid Transition to Online Learning” to mutate your educational plans due to the Coronavirus.

The Rapid Transition to Online Learning Course Available Now

Rapid Transition to Online Learning (RTOL) is a free emergency roadmap for making a rapid transition to remote learning during forced school closures. This quick-start guide will walk you through a simplified step-by-step process to maintain your continuity of teaching and learning in a crisis. This program is based on a simple question, If an educator had just one hour to prepare to teach remotely, what are the most essential things she would need to know and do? Note, this program is good for any educators, not just for those in healthcare!

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The RTOL program is based on the Flipped Learning 3.0 framework, which is a proven instructional model for remote learning practiced in over 50 countries. RTOL was developed using the best practices collected, peer-reviewed, and defined, by 100 educator-delegates from 49 countries. The global best practices were established under the guidance of the Academy of Active Learning Arts and Sciences. RTOL is globally applicable for K12 and higher education and is included in the continuity plans at institutions such as the New York City Department of Education.

This crash course was created with the help of 21 master teachers with deep experience in blended learning. Each section is tagged using the Global Elements of Effective Flipped Learning for further reference. The program was developed on the premise that in an unexpected emergency educators will need fast answers. We took the absolute essentials and crammed them into an hour video. The video is supported by a manual that provides much greater detail, a curated list of additional resources, and a Rapid Response Team to connect educators with peers who have experience and can provide support.

RTOL is a free 12-step global roadmap developed for school districts, schools, universities, and educators who need a proven guide and support system to rapidly transition to remote learning immediately. This quick start resource covers the 12 essential sectors and includes:

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  • Rapid Transition checklist for administrators
  • Rapid Transition checklist for IT managers
  • Full transition plan and video tutorial for teachers
  • Access to a Rapid Response Support Team

Beyond the 12-step roadmap, the online teaching tutorial and the library of resources, the most important thing you will likely need is ongoing support. AALAS has created a Rapid Response Team to connect you to an international network of educators who have extensive experience managing the challenges you will face. To register for any of the programs, use the form linked at the bottom of this article.

About the Academy of Active Learning Arts and Sciences (AALAS)

AALAS is a non-profit organization founded to identify and support global standards for Flipped Learning and related active learning instruction. The Flipped Learning Global Standards Project is the first worldwide initiative to define a common framework for Flipped Learning training and practice. The standards are intended to establish some generally accepted international conventions and global best practices for voluntary adoption by schools, universities, training departments, and Flipped Learning trainers and training organizations.

Access the RTOL Course From the AALAS Now!

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