August 29, 2012By Lance Baily

SimGHOSTS 2012 DIY Video Contest Winners

Behling Sim Center & Northwestern University win BIG at SimGHOSTS 2012 with Laerdal DIY Video Contest!


At the 2012 Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists (SimGHOSTS) Laerdal awarded two prizes for the “DIY Project Video Contest”! Fritz Sticht from Behling Simulation Center at the University of Buffalo and Brian Florek from Northwestern University’s Fieberg School of Medicine Sim Center won big at SimGhosts 2012!>Fritz won an iPad3 for demonstrating an affordable and easy-to-build Cervix/Uterus Model:

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Brian won a GoPro2 for his video on Increasing Mechanical Ventilation Fidelity on the Laerdal Simman 3G:
Watch all the contest entries by visiting the SimGHOSTS 2012 DIY Video Contest Page!

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