March 4, 2020By Lance Baily

Recorded Webinar: How to Gain Administrative Support to Hire a Sim Tech

Celebrating “March Madness” style, this month we are providing four powerful healthcare simulation webinars by leaders in the field. This recorded webinar, which took place at this month on “How to Gain Administrative Support to Hire a Sim Tech” is now available below! . Learn more about this and upcoming webinars — but hurry, space is limited!

How to Gain Administrative Support to Hire a Sim Tech by Founder Lance Baily

Are you a clinical educator tasked with running the simulation technology at your healthcare institution, or are you a part-time technical staff support person looking for more support from program administrators? Are you tasked with expanding the use of simulation but not getting the support you need to demonstrate true ROI? Want to know the secret to increasing technical staff support for your simulation program?

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This presentation will explain how one Simulation Administrator was able to double staff while little additional costs while improving ROI outcomes! Presenter Lance Baily, former Director of the Nevada System of Higher Education’s Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas has provided this highly praised presentation at SimGHOSTSINACSLIMSHSESAM, S3, PASSH, and many other simulation conferences around the world to help simulation champions better understand how to increase the simulation technology specialist team at their simulation programs.

As a previous Sim Tech, Simulation Program Director, and Founder of the World’s leading Sim Tech Organization SimGHOSTS, Lance certainly has the background and experience necessary to help you increase your simulation technical team!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore the Reason Why Sim Techs are an often misunderstood but crucial part of your simulation program success.
  2. Learn how to think from your administrator’s perspective to gain support for your technical needs.
  3. Identify ways to professionally develop Simulation Techs

About the Presenter: Lance Baily, BA, EMT-B, is the Founder of, which he started while serving as the Director of the Nevada System of Higher Education’s Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas back in 2010. Lance is also the Founder and acting Advisor to the Board of, the world’s only non-profit organization dedicated to supporting professionals operating healthcare simulation technologies.

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His new co-edited Book: “Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Operations, Technology, and Innovative Practice” is available now. Lance’s background also includes serving as a Simulation Technology Specialist for the LA Community College District, EMS fire fighting, Hollywood movie production, rescue diving, and global travel. He lives with his wife Abigail in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Additional Webinars, Each Wednesday in March

With topics ranging from best hiring practices for simulation staff to integrating simulation across an entire health system and from basic physiology for Sim Techs without medical backgrounds to the future of AI in healthcare education — these free learning webinars should not be missed. But hurry — space is limited for these free online clinical simulation webinars so sign up here to join us!

  • March 11th, 1PM EST: Understanding Basic Physiology for Clinical Simulation
  • [$10 Fee]: March 18th, 12PM EST: Using AI and Augmented Mixed Reality to Enhance Training
  • [$5 Fee]: March 25th, 1PM EST: Integrating Healthcare Simulation into a Busy Healthcare System

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