February 26, 2020By Lance Baily

Healthcare Simulation Wednesday Webinars in March!

Celebrating “March Madness” HealthySimulation.com style, next month we will be providing four powerful healthcare simulation webinars by leaders in the field to further tackle key areas necessary to help your program outcomes soar! With topics ranging from best hiring practices for simulation staff to integrating simulation across an entire health system and from basic physiology for Sim Techs without medical backgrounds to the future of AI in healthcare education — these free learning webinars should not be missed. But hurry — space is limited for these free online clinical simulation webinars so sign up here to join us!

Upcoming Healthcare Simulation 1 Hour Weekly Webinar Wednesdays in March

**UPDATE** Due to high demand we have had to invest in more room for the last two webinars, so we need to charge a small fee to attend those events.**

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  • March 4th, 1PM EST: How to Gain Administrative Support to Hire a Sim Tech
  • March 11th, 1PM EST: Understanding Basic Physiology
  • [$10 Fee] March 18th, 12PM EST: Using AI and Augmented Mixed Reality to Enhance Training Experiences
  • [$5 Fee] March 25th, 1PM EST: Integrating Simulation into a Busy Healthcare System

March 4th, 1PM EST: How to Gain Administrative Support to Hire a Sim Tech (By Lance Baily, HealthySimulation.com Founder): Are you a clinical educator tasked with running the simulation technology at your healthcare institution, or are you a part-time technical staff support person looking for more support from program administrators? Are you tasked with expanding the use of simulation but not getting the support you need to demonstrate true ROI? Want to know the secret to increasing technical staff support for your simulation program?

This presentation will explain how one Simulation Administrator was able to double staff while little additional costs while improving ROI outcomes! Presenter Lance Baily, former Director of the Nevada System of Higher Education’s Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas has provided this highly praised presentation at SimGHOSTS, INACSL, IMSH, SESAM, S3, PASSH, and many other simulation conferences around the world to help simulation champions better understand how to increase the simulation technology specialist team at their simulation programs. As a previous Sim Tech, Simulation Program Director, and Founder of the World’s leading Sim Tech Organization SimGHOSTS, Lance certainly has the background and experience necessary to help you increase your simulation technical team. Enroll for this webinar here!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore the Reason Why Sim Techs are an often misunderstood but crucial part of your simulation program success.
  2. Learn how to think from your administrator’s perspective to gain support for your technical needs.
  3. Identify ways to professionally develop Simulation Techs

About the Presenter: Lance Baily, BA, EMT-B, is the Founder of HealthySimulation.com, which he started while serving as the Director of the Nevada System of Higher Education’s Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas back in 2010. Lance is also the Founder and acting Advisor to the Board of SimGHOSTS.org, the world’s only non-profit organization dedicated to supporting professionals operating healthcare simulation technologies. His new co-edited Book: “Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Operations, Technology, and Innovative Practice” is available now. Lance’s background also includes serving as a Simulation Technology Specialist for the LA Community College District, EMS fire fighting, Hollywood movie production, rescue diving, and global travel. He lives with his wife Abigail in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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March 11th, 1PM EST: Understanding Basic Physiology – The Power Behind Healthcare Simulation (By Dr. Kim Baily, Former Director of the El Camino College School of Nursing): Are you a simulation technician wondering why the body works the way it does — especially during medical simulation?

This webinar introduces the basic concepts of physiology and is designed for simulation technologists with little or no medical background. The human body may be viewed as a system with constantly changing inputs and outputs. When existing systems fail to maintain body functions within normal limits, clinical signs and symptoms appear and the patient may become ill.  Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are trained to recognize, interpret and respond to these changes in a way that helps bring the system back into balance. Simulation technologists manipulate the simulation environment to mimic clinical situations. In so doing, sim techs provide an opportunity for HCPs to practice and improve their clinical skills in a supportive and safe learning environment. Enroll for this webinar here!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define the concepts of homeostasis, wellness and pathology.
  2. List the main physiological systems of the body.
  3. Describe the major components of the cardiovascular system.

About the Presenter: Dr. Kim Baily, MSN, PhD, RN, CNE has had a passion for healthcare simulation since she pulled her first sim man out of the closet and into the light in 2002. She has been a full-time educator and director of nursing and was responsible for building and implementing two nursing simulation programs at El Camino College and Pasadena City College in Southern California. Dr. Baily is a member of both INACSL and SSH. She serves as a consultant for emerging clinical simulation programs and has previously chaired Southern California Simulation Collaborative, which supports healthcare professionals working in healthcare simulation in both hospitals and academic institutions throughout Southern California. Dr. Baily has taught a variety of nursing and medical simulation-related courses in a variety of forums, such as on-site simulation in healthcare debriefing workshops and online courses. Since retiring from full time teaching, she has written over 100 healthcare simulation educational articles for HealthySimulation.com while traveling around the country via her RV out of California.

March 18th, 12PM EST: Using AI and Augmented Mixed Reality to Enhance Training Experiences (By Dr. Amar Patel, CAE Healthcare Chief Learning Officer):

Enroll for this webinar here!

Abstract: Artificial intelligence (AI), mixed reality (MR), and augmented mixed reality (AMR), have become a hot topic across multiple industries worldwide. Yet, educational programs are still grappling with how to integrate and utilize it, and educators are faced with creating and distributing content in a unique and relational format. We are now beginning to see how AI is reshaping the development and outcomes of the education process. While MR and AMR are reshaping the delivery methods and experiences of high impact content. Today, AI, MR, and AMR are perfectly positioned to enhance training experiences that drive competency forward. Come learn more about how!

Learning Objectives:

  • Define key concepts that contribute to enhancing the training experience.
  • Discuss solution that can make an immediate impact.
  • Describe ways AI, AMR, and MR can be utilized in the current environment.

About the Presenter: Dr. Amar Patel DHSc, MS, NRP, CHSE, FSSH, is a clinician, researcher, and renowned educator with a Doctorate in Health Science from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and a Master of Science in Emergency Health Services Education from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. He currently serves as chief learning officer at CAE Healthcare. Founder and past chair of the North Carolina Simulation Collaborative, Dr. Patel is a simulation expert and much-published key opinion leader with 60+ abstracts, articles and textbook chapter publications to date. With a professional history that includes stints as a firefighter, paramedic, educator, researcher, and curriculum developer. Dr. Patel maintains over 17 certifications and is currently involved in several healthcare quality committees. Dr. Patel has most recently held the position of executive director of WakeMed Innovations at WakeMed Health & Hospitals, having been responsible for healthcare innovation, idea generation, innovation investments, technology-based educational programs (such as patient simulation and online learning), and simulation-based research.

March 25th, 1PM EST: Integrating Simulation into a Busy Healthcare System (By Russell D. Metcalfe-Smith, Associate Director for Simulation at Cedars-Sinai): The Cedars-Sinai Women’s Guild Simulation Center for Advanced Clinical Skills is an immersive environment equipped with the latest in patient simulators and medical devices. The center replicates the reality of professionals working together, performing different roles and using the latest technology within our system. Multi-professional clinical skills development, teamwork, improving communication and, ultimately, patient safety are at the heart of the center’s ethos. This proactive approach helps Cedars-Sinai provide the best possible care to patients and provides staff with the latest in educational technology.

The Cedars-Sinai Simulation Program is accredited by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, American College of Surgeons and approved by the American Society of Anesthesiologists. The program covers qualified medical and nursing staff and the whole range of allied health professionals. Russell showcases this busy program with over 20,000 annual users to share how it achieved its success — and shares how you can too! Enroll for this webinar here!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how to engage leadership of your health system.
  2. Understand how to develop partnerships to achieve stakeholder results.
  3. Describe ways innovation can be used to build simulation program success.

About the Presenter: Russell D. Metcalfe-Smith, FHEA, MSc, NRP, CHSE-A, CHSOS, leverages his years of innovative healthcare leadership within some of the world’s largest hospital systems to help healthcare systems make bold strategic decisions, reduce costs and improve patient care. As a senior leader, he has developed and put into practice transformative services in the international healthcare sector. From his early days as a registered paramedic and a head of resuscitation services in the United Kingdom, he learned how to maximize outcomes with few resources and little time. This fueled extensive research into more effective solutions, processes and procedures. He gained experience within-hospital acute care, mental health, primary care and emergency care in Europe—and more recently in the U.S. He then delivered innovative training programs to international healthcare officials and clinicians, developing a world view of healthcare. Such exposure broadens perspectives, offering innovative approaches to change. At Cedars-Sinai, he provides the strategic, operational and program leadership for the Women’s Guild Simulation Center, which brings experiential learning experiences to 25,000 physicians, nurses and allied healthcare professionals annually.

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