February 17, 2020By Lance Baily

3 New Must Have Books Supporting Healthcare Simulation

Our Healthcare Simulation Book library is growing once again Sim Champs! Here we explore the 3 latest works supporting clinical simulation with Mastery Learning, Mobile Medical Simulation program development, and Virtual Reality implications for patient healing. We also threw in a bonus must have recently published book on Operations — all should be considered “must haves” for those running simulation centers!

Healthcare Simulation Mastery Learning in Health Professions EducationComprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Mastery Learning in Health Professions Education: This book presents the parameters of Mastery Learning (ML), an especially stringent variety of competency-based education that guides students to acquire essential knowledge and skill, measured rigorously against a minimum passing standard (MPS). As both a scholarly resource and a teaching tool, this is a “how to” book that serves as a resource for a wide variety of health professions educators.

A seminal source of information and practical advice about ML, this book divided into five parts: Clinical Education in the Health Professions, The Mastery Learning Model, Mastery Learning in Action, Transfer of Training from Mastery Learning and The Road Ahead. Complete with high-quality images and tables, chapters take an in-depth look into ML principles and practices across the health professions. Specific educational content instructs readers on how to build and present ML curricula, evaluate short and long-run results, conduct learner debriefing and give powerful feedback, set learner achievement standards, and prepare faculty for new educational roles.

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An invaluable addition to the Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation Series, Mastery Learning in Health Professions Education is written and edited by leaders in the field for practicing clinicians in a variety of health professions. Get from Springer or Amazon.

Healthcare Simulation: Mobile Medical SimulationComprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Mobile Medical Simulation (Pre-Order): This book provides information to support the new and growing field of medical simulation training using mobile simulation vehicles. These mobile training programs bring vehicles equipped with spaces to simulate patient care areas, task trainers, and mannequins directly to the medical provider. This concise reference introduces programs that bring necessary training to providers and offers step by step guidance on how to establish and run a mobile medical simulation program.

Divided into two main sections, the first analyzes the methods and techniques to implement a program, including marketing, finances, and program evaluation. The second section then delves into greater detail regarding the actual teaching and training, including chapters on educational methodology, scenario design, and how to prepare for a simulation session.

Part of the groundbreaking Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation Series, Mobile Medical Simulation is an ideal guide for administrators and managers who design and implement mobile simulation training programs, as well as educators and trainers working in the field. Get from Springer or Amazon.

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VRx How Virtual Therapeutics Will Revolutionize Medicine

VRx How Virtual Therapeutics Will Revolutionize Medicine: Brennan Spiegel has spent years studying the medical power of the mind, and in VRx he reveals a revolutionary new kind of care: virtual medicine. It offers the possibility of treating illnesses without solely relying on intrusive surgeries or addictive opioids. Virtual medicine works by convincing your body that it’s somewhere, or something, it isn’t. It’s affordable, widely available, and has already proved effective against everything from burn injuries to stroke to PTSD.

Spiegel shows how a simple VR headset lets a patient with schizophrenia confront the demon in his head, how dementia patients regain function in a life-size virtual town, and how vivid simulations of patients’ experiences are making doctors more empathic. VRx is a revelatory account of the connection between our bodies and ourselves. In an age of overmedication and depersonalized care, it offers no less than a new way to heal. Get from Amazon.

Of course, our favorite new must have book is still 2019’s Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Operations, Technology, and Innovative Practice!:

Buy the soft cover, download the eBook version, or grab from Amazon!

This practical guide provides a focus on the implementation of healthcare simulation operations, as well as the type of professional staff required for developing effective programs in this field. Though there is no single avenue in which a person pursues the career of a healthcare simulation technology specialist (HSTS), this book outlines the extensive knowledge and variety of skills one must cultivate to be effective in this role. This book begins with an introduction to healthcare simulation, including personnel, curriculum, and physical space. Subsequent chapters address eight knowledge/skill domains core to the essential aspects of an HSTS.

Best practices and innovations are provided, and the benefits of developing a collaborative relationship with industry stakeholders are discussed. Expertly written text throughout the book is supplemented with dozens of high-quality color illustrations, photographs, and tables.

Written and edited by leaders in the field (including SimGHOSTS and HealthySimulation.com Founder Lance Baily), Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Operations, Technology, and Innovative Practice is optimized for a variety of learners, including healthcare educators, simulation directors, as well as those looking to pursue a career in simulation operations as healthcare simulation technology specialists.

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