August 9, 2012By Lance Baily

EMS & Gaumard unveil new products

Lots of great news from more than one medical simulation based vendor this week:

Gaumard has unveiled their new S315.400 Airway Trainer:’

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  • Realistic airway which is manually programmable to include tongue edema, laryngospasm, and pharyngeal swelling
  • Use NP/OP tubes, ventilate, and intubate
  • Realistic chest compression and recoil
  • BVM produces realistic chest rise
  • Intubate using conventional adjuncts
  • Inflating lungs produces realistic chest rise
  • Gastric distention
  • Trainer has easy neck flexion and extension
  • Unilateral chest rise with right main stem intubation
  • Lungs can be disabled independently
  • Surgical airway procedures such as tracheostomy and needle or surgical cricothyrotomy
  • Supplied with normal and surgical cricoid cartilage inserts, allowing for longitudinal and transverse incisions
  • Bilateral needle decompression at 2nd intercostal space
  • Bilateral drainage at 5th intercostal space using conventional large diameter chest tubes
  • Pneumatic controls powered by internal reservoir charged using supplied manual pump or a conventional BVM
  • Multifunctional, compact and portable
  • Eyes may be open or closed
  • Adult male upper body and head
  • Silicon face/head skin for realistic jaw thrust, head tilt / chin lift
  • Instructions for Use
  • Carrying bag

Another interesting note from Gaumard is that the company is continuing to expand business development overseas with a new technology repair and distributor training center in Taiwan.

Orion AV

EMS has launched their new medical simulation program management platform “Orion”:

From the EMS website:

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“Leveraging the latest web technologies to give training institutions the edge and maximize user experience, EMS is proud to introduce Orion, the next generation Clinical Simulation Management platform, a web-based single platform solution for simulation and skills management.

Orion is designed to meet the most demanding needs of standardized patient and high fidelity simulator training environments, making it the most intuitive, feature-rich, and powerful technology in the industry for recording, center operations management, and performance evaluation.  Orion delivers clinical simulation management solutions adapted for small and multiple-room fixed spaces, and portable and mobile training environments, giving you flexibility to select from a variety of options that fit your needs not just today, but for the future as you grow and expand.

Orion includes:

• Case/Scenario creation and management.
• An integrated calendar showing both SP and simulation sessions.
• Checklist creation, scoring, and statistical report generation.
• Student scheduling in multiple rooms at different times.
• Automatic paging announcements to mirror hospital settings.
• Charting through simulated EHR with access to a record during an SP/scenario session.
• Automatic/ad hoc scheduling of rooms and users with manual override option.
• A learner portfolio to manage personal information, schedules, calendars, and activities. “

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