August 11, 2012By Lance Baily

Medical Design Reviews Cleveland Clinic Sim Center

Medical simulation continues to expand its healthcare footprint as last week Editor Joe Jancsurak of Medical Design, the source for the design and manufacturing of medical devices, covered the Cleveland Clinic’s Simulation Center:

The Cleveland Clinic’s 59,000-sq-ft Multidisciplinary Simulation Center­­—home to a dozen programmable patients (children and adults alike) and about 100 different types of simulators that help prepare docs and nurses—from novices to experts—for procedures and, emergencies, or to just practice “routine” tasks such as laparoscopic suturing.

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Another important element to the Cleveland Clinic’s simulation efforts is the ability to stage simulations “on the road” for just-in-time (JIT) training at one of its nearly 90 facilities in Northeast Ohio.

“We can stage a cardiac simulation in one of our hospitals,” says Jelovsek. “We can wheel the ‘patient’ into the unit and run a mock drill to see how the team functions and to clarify roles and responsibilities before an event occurs. “

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