August 1, 2012By Lance Baily

Sim Tech Extends Demo Dose Box Life

Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist Christopher J Gatpandan from West Coast University – Ontario shared an amazing tip for increasing the lifespan of your Pocket Nurse ® Demo Dose ® boxes with the SimGhosts.Org Sim Tech community:

“I recreated a Demo Dose ® box in MS Paint, printed it on cardstock, laminated the paper, cut out the template, glued the flaps together, and then secured one side with a small Velcro tab so it could be opened and closed.  This allows us to reuse the Bristojets we purchased from Pocket Nurse ® a lot more times than with regular cardboard boxes!”

Click the image below to see an example of Christopher’s work:

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Demo Dose Boxes

Pocket Nurse ® is a founding sponsor of the Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists organization and is proud to support the kind of community building that this new organization has been developing!

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