February 5, 2020By Lance Baily

HealthySimulation.com’s Top 10 Medical Simulation Articles of the Past Decade

Following our recent Top 50 Healthcare Simulation Articles of 2019, today we thought we would take one last look back at the past decade of HealthySimulation.com articles and share some of the Top 10 Medical Simulation Articles from the Past Decade! HealthySimulation.com was launched in April of 2010, so we have the whole decade covered here, from free downloadable vital sign simulators to integrating Pyxis into nursing simulation programs, and from the latest medical simulation jobs to sim tech hiring tips, prehospital simulation scenarios guides and great uses for clinical sim, this is a great recap of the past decade of HealthySimulation.com!

10. Free Downloadable Vital Sign Simulator & Patient Monitor: Florian Schwander, ER-nurse and mega-code instructor from Switzerland wrote to HealthySimulation.com to share his new software for emergency medicine simulations: The Vital Sign Simulator back in March of 2013. This downloadable program is an open-source project, free to use and modify! The vital sign simulator is intended for use in medical emergency training simulations. In combination with an affordable low-fidelity cpr-manikin, VSS offers a low-cost alternative to commercial high-fidelity patient simulation monitors.

9. Pyxis MedStation Now Available For Nurse Educators (Video Review Part 1): MedicalShipment.com, the exclusive educational distributer of CareFusion’s Pyxis Medstation 4000, sponsored this trip to the College of DuPage. Located just outside of Chicago, this Nursing school has been one of the first colleges to utilize the Pyxis Medstation in their Healthcare Simulation labs – with outstanding success! Watch part 1 of our video review of the Pyxis, which focuses on Nursing Educators, Lab Coordinators and Student reflections on this realistic medication administration device.

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8. Designing Prehospital Medical Simulation Scenarios: Written by David Halliwell, MSc. Paramedic, FIfL, Lizzie Ryan, MEd, MBA, MSc, RN, FIfL & Paul Jones, BSc (Hons) Cert Ed Paramedic, this informative article from 2013 reviews a new paradigm for paramedic scenario-based education focusing upon the increased role of the tutor knowledge, and the enhancement of the importance of understanding logistical concerns in pre hospital care. A classic must read for those involved with EMS Simulation!

7. Healthcare Simulation Prebriefing Checkoff Sheet Template: From just last year, this unique article by Dr. Kim Baily takes a look at pre briefing as well as provides a template document checklist to help ensure your success! Prebriefing is an important component of healthcare simulation which should be planned along with the simulation scenario development and debriefing activities — and with this free template you are sure to get it right!

6. The 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Rights for Medication Administration During Simulation: Here, Dr. Kim Baily helps us to identify 5 more “Rights” that Healthcare Simulation can educate and train for when it comes to medication administration. Nursing schools and hospitals typically use a standardized five sequence of checks to guide staff and students through the complex process of medication administration. Over the years however, several additional steps have been added. What are they and how can you use your sim lab to teach them?

5. Moulage Concepts Makes Us Gag with Emesis (Vomit) Moulage! Wow can you believe it? Bobbie Merica’s Emesis (Vomit) moulage recipe has been one of our popular posts, all the way back from January of 2011. Our community sure does like its special effects as this is one of the most shared posts over the years!

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4. Healthcare Simulation Conferences & Workshops, Comprehensive List: Even though this page was only created in 2018, it has quickly become one of your favorite clinical simulation resource pages! Bookmark this page for an up-to-date comprehensive listing of all the Simulation in Healthcare workshops and conferences we know about from around the world!

3. What to REALLY Look for When Hiring a Sim Tech: Published all the way back in May of 2010, one of our first articles on hiring a Sim Tech is still one of the most popular articles of all time on HealthySimulation.com! Designing a job description and finding the right Sim Tech is much easier when you can identify the skill sets lacking in your Sim Lab. Here we take a look at some of the qualities of a “Healthy” Simulation Technician!

2. Free Medical Simulation Scenarios: Starting or growing a clinical simulation program is much easier when you have some scenarios to use! There is a big learning curve to developing and perfecting a scenario, so why not take a few minutes to see what free simulation scenarios your community has already built, tested and shared? Start here with these free sim scenarios!

1. Medical Simulation Jobs – Listings and Tools: Everybody loves to see the latest job opportunities, but also featured here is a list of our top career development articles, best hiring practice summaries, job templates and more. A must for everyone involved in healthcare simulation work!

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