September 18, 2019By Lance Baily

This New Medical Simulation Operations Book Has All the Secrets — A Must Read!

Healthcare Simulation Week (#HCSimWeek19) is in full swing with clinical organizations around the world showcasing their powerful use of simulation to improve education, training, and patient safety outcomes throughout healthcare. Wouldn’t it be great to gather all of these operational success stories in one place to learn the best kept secrets? Good news! The brand new book “Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Operations, Technology, and Innovative Practice” is now available to shared how to best achieve these goals from leading simulation champions around the world! At nearly 400 pages, this guidebook covers all things “Simulation Operations” from an introduction to Simulation Methodologies to entire chapters on Simulation Center Design, Audio/Video Technologies, Best Practices for Innovation, and Finding the Right Personnel. This is a must-read book for all simulation center staff, not only for those operating the technologies day to day but for administrators and educators looking to better understand what it takes to run a successful simulation program!

With chapters by leading experts from around the world, this latest Medical Simulation Book has already received massive praise. Download Springer’s ebook version now or reserve your soft cover version from Springer for estimated delivery in September, or grab from Amazon!

Show your support of Healthcare Simulation Week and secure your staff copies today, so that your program can also gain the benefit of chapters which include….

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Key Take Aways From Latest Sim Ops Book:

  • Practical guide helps prepare professionals for the broad scope of simulation in healthcare
  • Defines the domains of medical simulation operations
  • Focuses on the development of the healthcare simulation technology specialist
  • Written and edited by leaders in the field of clinical simulation

Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Operations, Technology, and Innovative Practice Chapters

  • History of Simulation
  • Types of Healthcare Simulation: Locations and Training – Who, What, and Where?
  • Simulation Methodologies
  • Simulation Center Personnel
  • Finding the Right Simulation Personnel
  • Professional Development for the Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist
  • Simulation Curriculum Development, Integration, and Operations
  • The Research Process
  • Infrastructure and Simulation Center Design
  • Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists
  • The Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist and…
    • Audio/Video Technology
    • Educational Constructs in Simulation
    • Healthcare
    • Information Technology
    • Research
    • Simulation
    • Standardized Patients
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Common and Best Practices for Do-It-Yourself Enhancement
  • Role and Goal of Industry in Education and Patient Safety

Written and edited by leaders in the field, Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Operations, Technology, and Innovative Practice is optimized for a variety of learners, including healthcare educators, simulation directors, as well as those looking to pursue a career in simulation operations as healthcare simulation technology specialists.

From the Forward by UPMC’s WISER Simulation Center Director Dr. Paul Phrampus: “After having the opportunity to review this textbook focusing on operations, technology, and innovative practice associated with the Springer series “Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation,” I am convinced that it serves as a much-needed, all-encompassing resource for the global simulation community.

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The book has been edited and authored by those who are pioneers and experts in understanding, defining, and developing the role of the healthcare simulation technology specialist, many of whom have been involved with various simulation organizations around the globe. Mr. Baily and Dr. Crawford were instrumental in the founding and proliferation of The Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists (SimGHOSTS), which is the largest global non-profit organization solely dedicated to the training and advancement of the HSTS profession.

You will find a masterful blend of high-level, conceptual overviews of the defining roles for the technology specialist in healthcare simulation as well as drilling down into hands-on tips, tricks and how- to’s. The text fulfills a need of the healthcare simulation community, which is to provide a comprehensive resource for the modern healthcare simulation technology specialist.”

Grab your copy during Healthcare Simulation Week to keep learning about the latest secrets in simulation in healthcare practices for months to come!

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