March 5, 2019By Lance Baily

Top 10 Medical Simulation Articles of 2018

Recently shared its famous “Top 50 Articles of 2018” post, which shared the most read, “best of” material from the entire year of 2018 in review. Today, we summarize the Top 10 Healthcare Simulation Articles of 2018 for those who may have missed the list! From the latest books to SOPs, Intro Medical Guides for Sim Techs, EHR & Blood Transfusion Simulation Scenario Templates, Latest Simulation Jobs, and the most watched youtube videos ever, this is a great place to quickly get caught up with our leading clinical simulation content!

10. Most Read Healthcare Simulation Books – Comprehensive List for All Disciplines & Positions – From new books to must read books, this is the ultimate list of simulation books to help you start and expand your medical simulation program!

9. What Should Be in Our Policies & Procedures? A Complete Outline for Healthcare Simulation Programs – Such a document is an absolute “must have” for building or expanding a medical simulation program because it forces your organization to determine the guiding principles for the daily operations, which will improve any and all future discussions with regards to the basic understanding of who is allowed to do what, when, where, how and why.

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8. Using Nursing Simulation Experiences to Improve Medication Administration – The use of simulation to enhance clinical skills for both undergraduate and new graduate nursing and medical students is well documented in the literature. However, in spite of current changes, students and new graduate Nursing students often find themselves unprepared and anxious when they begin their first professional assignments. Here we share how to improve your simulated learning experiences with medication administration.

7. Physiology Series: The Force Behind Healthcare Simulation – A Guide for Techs – Some simulation team members may have a limited background in physiology or medicine. An understanding of basic physiological concepts can enable non medical simulationists to better understand medical simulation. This article series about physiology will define what physiology is, and why and how its important to simulation:

6. Healthcare Simulation Conferences List for 2019 – There are plenty of fantastic global conferences coming up in 2019 that provide a range of focused simulation learning, networking, and vendor engagement opportunities, so save the dates for these special events listed below.

5. 7 of the World’s Most Watched Healthcare Simulation Videos – Wondering what the most “viral” healthcare simulation videos are? Check out the videos that have helped to spread awareness about our industry around the globe with today’s fun exploration of the Top 7 Medical Simulation Videos of all time! Which type of simulation won the most view do you think? Click to find out!

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4. Blood Transfusion Documents and Excel Labels for Simulation in Healthcare — Includes Template – Blood transfusions may be found in a variety of simulations such as those involving bleeding peptic ulcers, postoperative hemorrhage, postpartum hemorrhage or mass casualty situations. The cost of blood bags (around $20 each) limits the number of times students can spike bags. Blood bags can easily be made using a 250 or 500 mL normal saline bags with an appropriate blood label. Learn how!

3. EHR Physical Assessment Document for Simulation – Includes Excel Template – This HealthySim exclusive article describes how to generate a low cost EHR Physical Assessment form with dropdown menus. A free downloadable excel template is included!

2. Medical Simulation Jobs Page, Post and Search Today! – All the latest healthcare simulation jobs from around the world. Post and search clinical simulation jobs now! Bookmark this page to stay informed, or subscribe to our newsletter!

1. Writing Correct Medication Orders for Healthcare Simulation Scenarios, with Downloadable Excel Template – Thousands of you enjoyed reading and sharing this #1 Article in 2018! This exclusive HealthySim article provides key information about how to write correct physician orders for healthcare simulation scenarios. When details are missing from physician order sheets, learners may become confused and will likely focus on the order error instead of the original designated learning objectives.

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