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Dec. 11th Simulation Webinar for EMS Providers, 2019 Sim Bootcamp, and Latest Helpful Resources from Level 3 Healthcare

The Level 3 Healthcare team recently shared some more helpful resources for Simulation Champions everywhere with the reminder about next week’s EMS webinar, 2019 Simulation “Bootcamp” event, and latest articles from their growing team of experts! Their most recent resources include discussing simulated emergency environments to planning medical simulation facilities, considerations on when to upgrade your simulated technologies, a review of educational standards in sim, budget hacks, and how to find the best solution providers — there is a lot of helpful content from the Level 3 Healthcare team!

December 11th Webinar 12PM EST “EMT, ER, and Simulation”

Come join this open discussion with two experienced EMT’s who will discuss the positive impact of being an EMT can bring in simulation environments. Of course stories will be shared and a collaboration on how to improve the training for EMT and Emergency Room education. Join David Escobar and Brandon Phillips, in this EMT & Simulation Chat, by Registering Here!

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Brandon Phillips Joins Level 3 Healthcare Simulation team as Technology & Operation Specialist

Brandon has spent the last three years as the Simulation Operation Specialist for a southern California hospital-based simulation program which supported 10 hospitals. He is an American Heart Association, Basic Life Support, Heartsaver and First Aid Instructor as well as member of the Disaster Response Team for Providence St. Joseph Health in Torrance, CA. Brandon worked on many projects within Providence ST. Joseph Health to restructure and align hospital process and organization to provide more efficient patient care and create better outcomes. Brandon is a member of SimGHOSTS and Society for Simulation in Healthcare. Additionally, Brandon has been an EMT since 2006, with four years as a 9-1-1 ambulance operator in Los Angeles County and five years in the emergency room conducting patient care. Brandon’s extensive prehospital and in-hospital care background has supported his success as a Simulation Operation Specialist.

Level 3 Healthcare is constantly looking to expand their team in both capacity and skill set by hand picking professionals who have extensive simulation center and lab experience. Their team is CHSOS & CHSE certified professionals that have experience in Emergency Medical Services and Hospital Emergency Response teams including everyone from EMTs and Paramedics to Simulation Operation Managers who are passionate about finding the latest cutting edge technology for simulation labs across the nation. This ensures that their representatives understand first hand what your specific simulation center needs are.

Recent Helpful Simulation Articles From the Level 3 Healthcare Team

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3 Steps You Should Take When Planning For Your Healthcare Simulation Facility: Building out a space for a healthcare simulation center involves much more than just finding a space and the technology to put into it. How will the technology work in the space to optimize workflows? How do you ensure the use of space and technology will be intuitive and user friendly? How to select the right team, evaluate your site, and partnering with the right experts are all covered!

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Simulation Technology? Just as medicine continues to advance, healthcare simulation—and the standards that govern it—are also evolving. It’s important that healthcare organizations keep up, but how do you know when and what parts of your simulation technology should be upgraded? Before you can decide how extensive of an upgrade your existing simulation AV requires, you need to know how to identify if and when an upgrade is required. Here are some symptoms of an aging or ailing simulation system!

Nursing Education – Too Many Hats, Not Enough Heads: Many simulationists share a common issue when it comes to day-to-day operations in a simulation. The reality is, many simulation programs are understaffed, and most faculty already have more hats than they can comfortably wear. This has many programs looking closer at the evolving simulation operation specialist role. But where does one find someone with the skills needed without sacrificing an educator position? Read this article to learn!

Why Simulation Managers Want Educator Standards: Simulation labs are an important investment for healthcare’s academic institutions. However, if nurse educators lack the skills or knowledge to properly train students, much of that investment may be going to waste. Simulation is a powerful tool in healthcare education, but without education standards, too many students won’t get the most out of these experiences. If the educators who run the simulation labs aren’t trained to uphold a certain standard, lab experience may harm students by giving them a subpar education or a negative experience with the field. Learn more about the current state of Education in Clinical Simulation.

4 Things to Look for in a Healthcare Simulation Partner: A successful healthcare simulation lab will require complex technologies that must be expertly integrated. Fortunately, the right technology partner can ease the burden and help you strategize for success. However, it can be challenging to find the right technology company to help you with your healthcare simulation system. The four things you should look for when evaluating technology integration partners includes, experience, knowledge, expertise, and satisfied customers.

3 Budget Hacks for Your High-Fidelity Healthcare Simulation System: Level 3 Healthcare recommends 3 key steps for budgeting simulation which includes outlining your objectives, focusing on established solutions, and considering individual components vs all-in-ones. Every simulation solution requires an audiovisual installation, but not many simulation providers have AV expertise. So while a quote may seem cheap, you might have to pay the same amount again—and maybe more—to an AV integration firm.

Simulation Boot Camp: April 16th-18th, 2019 in Mesa Arizona

Expand & improve your knowledge of simulation education & operations. Level 3 Healthcare is hosting a three day Simulation Boot Camp with the goal to improve and expand the knowledge of simulation education and operations for all levels of operation managers, simulation technicians, and anyone new to simulation. Their goal is to advance the role of the operation specialist & techs in leadership, roll discover, and job skill requirements. 16 Hands on classes covering topics such as Sim Lab Basics, Virtual Reality, Pneumatics Basics, Soldering, RFP & Grants, CAT6 & XLR Termination, Educational Matrix, and more.

Take the opportunity to focus on all the technical details of what it takes specifically to operate and manage a simulation center. From the AV installations, to the design and engineering. Ensure that your simulation operations contains a standard base of education and skills with the Level 3 Healthcare Simulation Bootcamp.

Pricing is $2000.00 – food, hotel, and transportation to and from event is included in the registration fee. Learn more here.

Visit Level 3 Healthcare’s Website for More Great Simulation Resources!

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